Monday, January 17, 2011

Red (First Impressions) (Movie Review)


Okay, I just saw the movie “RED” and I feel like sharing my thoughts. It’s not a stunning action film, but it was a fun time at the movies.This movie stars Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, it was directed by Robert Schwentke. The plot revolves around a group of retired agents who are being targeted for  assassination.  It has a fun style and wit. The film has a really cool and inventive way of making transitions to different locations using post cards. I thought it was really stylish. The action was nice and simple, they weren’t overblown with CG, wire work or over the top stunts. It was simple fun shooting and fighting. There’s a scene when Bruce Willis gets in a fight with a CIA agent, and they destroy this office using whatever’s lying around as a weapon, chairs, cabinet droves and simple use with their fists, that’s my kind of fight. The sound effects for the gun fire were pretty effective, if your dad has ever taken you out shooting than you know how ear deafening it is, it didn’t sound that great but compared to how ammunition usually is usually portrayed in film, this was the closer to sounding like genuine gun fire. You could tell the cast was having a great time with this film and that fun just transcended on to me while I was watching it. Morgan Freeman is fantastic as always and Bruce Willis may be old but to me he’s still John McClain and it’s always a treat to see him in films like this. This film was based off the graphic novel from DC comics and unlike “Watchmen” or “Kick-Ass”, it didn’t have that same comic book feel, it just blends into the crowed and becomes mediocre. I saw this film with two of my uncles and father (in their late 50’s) and all three are retired from the military and they were able to relate to the characters in this movie, once fitters who wish they could return to that time when they were heroes. It’s a film that can appeal to young action lovers and the old and retired who want to feel young again. It may be overshadowed by bigger action films but I recommend it, because it’s a fun film that’s easy to enjoy. I give it 3 ½ stars.

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