Sunday, November 6, 2011

Puss in Boots (2011) (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

    Shrek 2” was one of the best animated sequels ever, for its better story, funnier moments and especially for introducing us to the character Puss in Boots, who completely owned the series after his intro. I remember saying to myself “that character was so great that he could have his own individual movie”, and that’s exactly what he got. The movie dose an amazing job making this a Puss in Boots movie alone with no real barring on the Shrek series, in fact there aren’t any references or nods to any of those characters, it’s all very self contained. There’s also a lot of great incite on the origin of the character and his rivalry with another fairytale classic, Humpty Dumpty. Antonio Banderas is just as great as always in the title role but this time he has the novelty of acting alongside Salma Hayek again. Those two are always great together and have been a great acting couple sense I first saw them in Robert Rodriguez 1995 action flick “Desperado”. This time it was a real treat to see them as voice actors for two very likable cat characters. Each character is fleshed out enough to hold the film and the voice acting is very solid but there is one problem and that was its predictability.
     There’s nothing new or surprising in this story and it’s easy to guise what will happen next but the film redeems itself with just enough charm, wit, style and entertainment. The animation is great too and it really makes for an awesome looking film to see on the big screen. There also aren’t that many laughs and the jokes themselves can be a little absurd at times but it’s not too distracting. It’s certainly not an animated masterpiece or anything but it is still a very charming and likeable film and if you want a fun movie to take yours kids to, this would be it. “Puss in Boots” is an enjoyable, swashbuckling family adventure that gives my favorite character from the Shrek series his own, much deserved movie. For my overall rating I give “Puss in Boots” 3 ½ stars.  

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