Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brave (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

     Disney and Pixar have been an awesome team, delivering us some of the finest animated family films ever and now with the release of “Brave”, we finally get a wonderful blend of what both of these studios do best. The character depth and writing of a Pixar movie is beautifully combined with the magic and charm of a Disney fantasy. The trailers for this film have done an excellent job of not reviling what the plot is going to be about, which made it all the more special to view. As such, I’ll try not to reveal too much of the plot because it really makes this a novel experience when you don’t know what you’re going to get. As far as Pixar films go, I more or less love them, it really is a studio that makes films for the whole family, not just kids and personally, I think “Brave” is one of the finest films to come from the studio, easily in my top five favorites (from this company).
     I just loved everything that went into this film, the animation was stellar (as you’d expect), the music was great, it had a very rich atmosphere (which is rare for Pixar) and I loved the characters. It’s one of those films where I would have been happy just watching the daily lives of these people, they were just so much fun. I especially loved our lead princess. As you’d expect, she’s strong and high spirited but she has her limits, she makes mistakes, she can be a little selfish but she’s still a good person underneath and of cores she goes on a learning journey, which is always great. It’s just a terrific lead character but there are a few other charms about her I liked, for example it was a breath of fresh air to hear a princess talk with a thick accent. Most animated Princess always have the same sweet voice but it was a real treat to here this one speak with a Scottish accent. The rest of the supporting characters are all wonderful, even the really silly ones.
    As for the story, it’s a collection of things that we’ve all heard before (especially from Disney), a princess who’s tiered of her princess life, a magic spell that transforms someone and there’s only a limited amount of time before they can be changed back. It’s all very familiar but I’m up for a classic story if there’s a twist to it, and thank goodness this film delivers plenty of new twists and elements to this old formula that make it great all over again. I especially love that this is a story about a mother and doubter, I honestly can’t think of any other animated film from either Disney or Pixar that took that approach. The chemistry and struggle between the two was pulled off very well and executed beautifully, then it all comes down to one of those ending’s that’ll get you feeling all chocked up inside. Overall, it doesn’t have the same adult tones of some of the resent Pixar films like “Up” or “The Incredible” (I didn’t like either of those films nearly as much as this one), but it has so many other simple charms mixed in with its subtle character depth and if your someone who loves magical fantasy adventures, then you’re going to have a great time with this film. I give “Brave” 4 stars.  

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