Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Skyfall (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

     Good old 007, I always look forward to another one of these films. With a current total of 25 movies (two of which were spinoffs) and more movies to come, there’s no doubt that James Bond is one of Hollywood’s most successful and long lasting icons. The humor, action, and escapist thrills of the series are just so simple and fun that it makes this an easy series to continue over the years. This latest addition is the James Bond cannon is titled “Skyfall” and it’s the third film to star Daniel Craig in the respected leading role. Personally, he’s my favorite actor to play 007 and this film might just be his best performance so far. He’s always been a more haunted and intense 007 than the others, which I’ve loved about these later films. However, in the case of this film, he manages to keep all of that good stuff alive while still adding a lot more of the charm and glamor that we hard core fans loved from the earlier films.  
     The plot for this film is a breath of fresh air, instead of having a super powered villain try to take over the world or gain lots of money, this movies villain was once a member of Bonds secret service but he was betrayed and is now out for revenge against M, who’s the leader of the organization. This makes the conflicts a lot stronger, without resorting to formulaic James Bond clichés. Judi Dench is back in the role of M, who’s been playing the character sense 1995’s “Golden Eye”, which was Pierce Brosnan’s first Bond film. She is fantastic as always and I love that this film gives her and Bond a story as opposed to 007 just finding another token female.
     The action sense are a huge improvement over the last movie “Quantum Of Solace”, which suffered from to mush shaky cam and constant zoom ins. “Skyfall’s” action is just as riveting as ever, but this time there’s more subtle hand to hand combat and the camera goes for wider shots that observe all the battles and chases very well. The new theme song is good and the opening credit sequence is one of the best to come from this series. Action movies today hardly ever use cool opening credit sequences like this and I’m so glad that this series still makes it a tradition to keep the credits in the opening. I especially love the sets and locations in this film, everything is colorful and elaborate, my eyes were constantly pleased. Overall, this film isn’t going to become one of my absolute favorite installments in the 007 cannon but it certainly stands as one of the more competent entries in the series that doesn’t resort to an overabundance of gadgets or silly jokes. If you’re a long running James Bond fan, this film is certainly worth your time. I give “Skyfall” 3 ½ stars.                 

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