Saturday, May 18, 2013

Iron Man 3 (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

        In recent years there’s been something of a jinx when it comes to third installments, their either met with a lot of negativity or there enjoyed but not praised like earlier films in a franchise. “Iron Man 3” thankfully escapes that net and is just as good if not better than the first film. The original “Iron Man” was a very good movie and was probably a little more solidly constructed but “Iron Man 3” is solid entertainment that has just enough character substance to keep it from being just mindless entertainment and for that, “Iron Man 3” is perhaps my favorite of the three Iron Man movies.
      Now the plot dose a great job keeping you on your toes and has some really good surprises and twists along the way, in-fact it’s one of the phew times that I honestly didn’t know what direction this story was going to go in. I don’t want to spoil anything this early so I’ll just go over the basic premise, after the events of “The Avengers”, Toney Stark now feels that he’s inferior and isn’t strong enough to protect the people he loves and with a terrorist called the Mandarin threatening the county, even injuring one of his closest friends, it puts even more pressure on him. This leads Toney down a very personal journey as he asks himself “What makes him a hero, is it the man or the powers he harnesses through his technology?” This becomes a theme that plays through the film and it works very well, it gives the character more dimension and it makes the story more meaningful. There’s also a running theme about past mistakes coming back to haunt you and that also plays well into the movie.
    However, this film never forgets Iron Mans charismatic charms and allows us to have a lot of fun with him too. The comedy is great and it never gets to the point of feeling to stupid for its own good. The villains in this film are really good and are definitely an imposing threat to Iron Man, however there one little twist in the film regarding the Mandarin that may bother some comic book fans. Personally, I thought it worked great in favor of this particular film and it’s refreshing to get a genuine surprise that I honestly didn’t see coming. Pepper Pots, who has been Toney’s girl friend throughout the series finally gets to kick some ass in this film and she does it in a cool way that doesn’t upstage the main character. It’s also refreshing that the Easter eggs and references to other Marvel movies has been significantly dialed down, there still in there which is great, it’s just not as ridicules as it was in “Iron Man 2”.  
     The action is this movie is some of the most unique I’ve ever seen and the way that the Iron Man suits are used in this film is brilliant, providing a thrill that I wasn’t use to feeling and it kept the excitement feeling fresh. Overall, this isn’t a masterpiece movie by any means, but it is still a very solid sequel with some terrific action scenes and deep character themes that it stands as a very good reminder of how to make a genuinely good film. I give “Iron Man 3” 4 stars out of 5.  

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