Wednesday, July 10, 2013

World War Z (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

        When it comes to sub categories in the Horror genera, the Zombie category has always been a personal favorite of mine. From “Night of the Living Dead”, to “The Return of the Living Dead”, to “Shaun of the Dead”, to “Zombie Land”, to the outstanding TV show “The Walking Dead”, anything Zombie themed can usually get me thrilled and I’m happy to report that the resent 2013 movie “World War Z” is one of the best Zombie flicks I’ve seen in years.

         Now the Zombies featured in this film are the fast marathon running Zombies that were featured in films like “28 Day’s latter”, which I haven’t seen yet and the 2004 remake of “Dawn of the Dead”, which was okay. My point is that fast running Zombies still feel new to me and it’s a refreshing change to the more traditional, slow moving Zombies. This makes the action scenes a lot faster and bigger, with lots of stunt work, lots of destruction and lots of energy, however it never goes too far. In fact the film still features some really quiet and intense sequences that involve characters sneaking around and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The climax is one of the most genuinely exciting experiences I’ve had in the theater in years, it focuses on a group of people quietly avoiding zombies in a paramedic labyrinth and the built suspense in this scene is great. There are also plenty of really good jump scares and I love that this film doesn’t use lots of gore and bloodshed as a sales pitch. To many horror movies today use gore and the R rating to sell tickets, sacrificing the elements that make a good thriller worthwhile.  
        I’d better talk about the plot before I forget, it centers on a guy named Gerry Lane, played by Braid Pit, who goes from one location to another trying to discover the original cause for this Zombie outbreak and lots of Zombie attacks happen to him along the way. All in all, it’s a very solid story, the constantly changing locations and situations keep things feeling fresh and there’s plenty of genuine thrills along the way. It’s admittedly a rather formulaic story but it’s still done very well and Braid Pit is awesome in this role, he never feels like stereotypical Braid Pit and feels like a genuine every day guy. I especially love how this actually feels like a worldwide epidemic, most zombie movies are secluded in a single area, while this film establishes how this outbreak is affecting all parts of the globe. The movie begins with an outstanding opening credit sequence that show cases global events all building up to this epidemic.  

        Now this movie is based on a novel titled “World War Z” and while I’ve haven’t read the book yet, I’m told it deviates a lot from its source material and that may bother fans of the book. If you just want a thrilling, if basic zombie movie, then “World War Z” is certainly worthwhile. It’s fast past, features solid performances, will get you jumping out of your seat if your squeamish and makes for a fine installment in the zombie genera. I give “World War Z” 3 ½ stars, which means, it’s worth your time.          

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