Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Investigator (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

    I usually like to give general reviews of the new, big blockbusters that come out every summer but now I’d like to take a moment and talk about a small, low budget movie that was released in select theaters this year, titled “The Investigator”. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air to go to the movie theater and see a genuinely good film like this as opposed to all those action flicks and comedy’s where all so accustomed to. Despite being a movie for select theaters and minimal showings, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were in the theater, it was actually more crowded then when my friends and I went to see “World War Z”. 
     This movie is based on real events and real people, which always makes the characters feel more real. The plot goes like this, a veteran police detective named James becomes a criminal justice teacher and baseball coach at a local high school. He teaches his students that the truth is the most important thing to learn and that facts from history books can only convey so much that’s honest. Needless to say, this new teacher has experienced so many things in his life that have diminished his faith in God completely. After a series of events James decides to lead his students on an investigation to discover the truth about God, was his son Jesus real and if so, what proof do we have. On the side lines, he leads a baseball team to be the best they can be and with a little bit of faith, they may win the championships. So it’s kind of like “The Dead Poets Society” meets “Angels in the Outfield”.    

     It falls into the category of faith inspiring dramas and the way this film gets its message across is one of the most unique and original I’ve ever seen. Instead of perching generic morals and faith inspiring speeches, this movie just asks the audience, do you believe in God and why? In the end, there’s no definitive answer as to whether God was real or not, it just ends leaving the door open for you to interpret things on your own. It may sound like a very simple and basic film, which it honestly it, but everything’s done very well. There’s deeper stories and conflicts going on with the characters, the performances are all solid, the pacing is great and the questions raised in this film do get you to ponder on some interesting topics and ideas. It’s not the absolute best faith inspiring drama I’ve ever seen and you probably won’t remember watching it after a few years, but this is still very good film, the way it conveys it’s morals are very unique and as a whole, I’d say it’s worth checking out. I give the 2013 motion picture “The Investigator” 3 ½ stars.  

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