Friday, November 22, 2013

Thor: The Dark World (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

      The God of thunder returns in the 2013 motion picture “Thor: The Dark World”. In this film, Thor must make an alliance with his evil half brother Loki to stop an even greater threat, a clan of dark elves that threaten to plunge the entire galaxy into a new age of darkness. It may sound like a generic, save the world from evil plot, but that’s only because it is, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s cool to get a superhero movie in November of all times, now I don’t half to wait till summer, besides this summer’s going to be crowded enough. This marks the 8th entry in Marvels cinematic universe and while it’s not one of their absolute best, it’s still an all around fun time.

       First of all, the new marvel logo that appears as the film begins was epic, and it’s a breath a fresh air to see that logo presented differently. It was especially nice to have one of these superhero movies begin by showing the title for once, my gosh, I’ve been so annoyed with these movies for neglecting the title in the intro. Anyway, this film gives me opposite feelings I had when watching the first “Thor” movie. The first film was like a redemption story, with Thor being stripped of his powers, he had to learn a lesson and proved to be a hero worthy of his God like capabilities. That story arch was more subtle and meaningful, which made that film slightly better, but this one was honestly more fun to watch. It’s just, a wall to wall, fantasy adventure, traveling to mystical worlds and having high stake action scenes with villains along the way.

      The characters that mater are all still very good in this film, Chris Hemsworth gives another solid performance as Thor, Natalie Portman is likable as always and Tom Hiddleston is firkin awesome as the villain Loki. The new dark elves are very basic villains, nothing special, but Loki’s awesome and that’s really all that matters.This particular universe in the “Thor” movies and comics is fascinating, it’s quite literally a hybrid of the worlds from the “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” franchises. Everything is a mix of magic and technology, usually you get one of those two elements in a mystical world, but here there blended together in a way that’s so unique. Many of the settings and wardrobes make you think of a medieval environment, but the technology and vehicles are all very advanced, looking like something from out of high tech, futuristic, Sci-Fi adventure.          

      The ending dose it’s job getting viewers excited for further films and there’s lots of fun cameos along the way. Overall, this sequel lacks that same subtle touch of humanity that made the first “Thor” better than an average comic book spinoff and the hummer could be dilled down a little but regardless, “Thor: The Dark World” is still a first rate fantasy adventure, with an expanded mythical universe, lots of visual flare and some power house action scenes. I give “Thor: The Dark World” 3 ½ stars.  

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  1. Great review. Not perfect, but definitely better than a lot of other stand-alone Marvel superhero flicks can be, especially one coming right after the Avengers.