Monday, August 4, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy (First Impressions) (Movie Review)

      This movie was awesome, I mean holly cow, what a fun time at the movies, I just can’t get enough of ... okay, let me slow down and start from the top. The 2014 motion picture “Guardians of the Galaxy” is based on a Marvel comic of the same name, but this time I don’t care about its connections with Marvel’s cinematic universe or the novelty of being based on one of their comics because this film works great on its own as a fun, action packed, hilarious, deeply thrilling and surprisingly lighthearted outer space adventure. Even though I’m a big comic book geek and huge Marvel fan, I honestly didn’t know a thing about the comic this film was based on. True, I didn’t know all that much about either “Iron Man” or “Thor” before I saw those films, but I was at least aware of them, and had some knowledge about their background. “Guardians of the Galaxy” on the other hand was a completely clean slate for me, no background knowledge, didn’t know a thing about the films universe or the characters, which made this film both refreshing for me, and also a little confusing. 

      To be honest, I was lost when characters talked about different worlds, minor characters and different back stories but I was always able to fallow our main characters, and the plot, so no real harm done. This has just about everything you’d expect from a good Summer movie, thrilling action scenes, a really fun sense of hummer, and one of the most imaginative and colorful looking galaxy’s I’ve ever seen in a motion picture. Beyond all that, this film tackles a premise that I’ve adored ever sense I was a child, and that’s a story of five strangers, all odd but special in their own way, coming together through a series of exciting sequences, forming their own team of underdog hero’s and becoming a family. It brings of mind some of my favorite TV shows that also have this premise, including “Firefly”, “Teen Titans” and it even brought back fond child hood memories of “Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers”, which also featured a team of five unique but special and all around lovable hero’s.   

    The real strength of this movie is its five lead hero’s, if it wasn’t for them, this would be a generic popcorn flick. Thankfully, these characters are so charismatic and so intriguing that I honestly wish the movie could be longer, just so I could spend more time with this cast and join them on their further adventures. You got Star Lord, who leads the team and is very reminiscent of characters like Han Solo, because he mostly dose things for money, but he also has a surprisingly emotional back story and you know he’ll do the right thing when it’s time to be a hero. Gamora is an attractive green alien that looks like she belongs on “Star Trek”, ironically she’s played by Zoe Saldana who starred in the new “Star Trek” film series that began in 2009. This is your common, attractive female, who also has a deep back story, and can put up a real fight. There’s Drax, who’s basically the muscle of the group and then there’s Groot, who’s the basically the heart and soul of the team, probably the best character that Vin Diesel has ever played. Of course the character who completely steels the show with every seen he’s in is Rocket, a gun shooting, one line spewing raccoon that was nothing short of awesome!      

     The overall plot is actually very simple, a generic villain tries to destroy the universe and hero’s stop him, but the overall experience is one of the most refreshing and fun that I’ve had in years. It take’s this classic concept and infuses it with charm, wonder, comedy, memorable characters and non-stop enjoyment. The movie just feels very self aware of what kind of film it is, and it just bust loose, savoring everything it has to offer. It even has it’s surprisingly emotional moments, which are perfectly balanced out with the films lighthearted and fun tone. I don’t say this lightly but “Guardians of the Galaxy” is arguably one of the greatest comic book movies I’ve ever seen, and over time, it might just become one of my personal favorite movies. If you’re willing to just throw reality out the window and let yourself be submersed in the films universe and overall fun factor, then I definitely think you’ll have a good time. Under normal circumstances, I’d give a film like this maybe 3 ½ stars, but personally, I’m going to go ahead and give “Guardians of the Galaxy” 5 stars out of 5, (one for each team member).     


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