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Pixar: All 15 movies ranked least favorite to favorite

     If you don’t love classic animated Disney movies or at least feel like you’ve grown out of them, it’s much harder to say that with Disney’s Pixar movies, (most of them anyway). They just hit that note perfectly, playing to both kids and adults alike. To this day Pixar is regarded as the greatest children’s movie company of all time and here are all 15 of their movies, which I’ve personally ranked from least favorite to favorite.    

15. Cars 2 (2011)

 This film is widely regarded as the absolute worst of all the Pixar movies and probably for good reasons. First of all, after seeing how great the “Toy Story” sequels were you’d expect Pixar to make another out of the box sequel, while this one is just okay. Second, of all the really good Pixar movies to get a sequel, why “Cars”, not that the first movie was bad, I just wasn’t that interested in seeing the story continue. But the biggest problem is that this movies story is nothing like the first movie, it actually gets to the point where this could have been something else entirely because it has so little to do with the first film. The only saving grace for this movie is that there are some entertaining scenes with lots of energy and the animation is amazing to look at. However, that’s just not enough to save “Cars 2” from being on the bottom run.  

13. A Bug’s Life (1998)

 I don’t hate any of the Pixar movies, but there are some that are far less good than others and “A Bug’s Life” always stood out as the least good, even as a kid I didn’t really like this one. The characters were so forgettable, the story was basic, there are one too many things that happen in that story that personally annoy me and by the end, it just felt too mean spirited, I mean for goodness sake, the lead character is almost beaten to death and no one is going to his aid until the last second. There's certainly some things to enjoy, some of the side characters are fun and the animation is bright and colorful, it’s not a movie that I’d re-watch and especially after fallowing on the heels of both DreamWorks “Ants” and “Toy Story”, this one just felt a little weak. 

14. Monsters University (2013)

While the movie certainly has its cheerful moments and a very nice message, it just doesn’t do that much for the “Monsters Inc.” series that I really cared to know. In fact, this whole college themed story is something that I’ve already seen so many times before, and this film doesn’t add much more to the concept, with the small exception of staring characters from “Monsters Inc.” It’s nice to be back in this world that I loved from the first film, it also pleasing to see how the characters met but the movie as a whole isn’t anything that spectacular, it’s just okay.
12. Cars (2006)

 I always regarded this one as just a perfectly harmless and wholesome family film. It didn’t do too much for me because I was mid way through middle school at the time and you’re not really making nostalgic connections with kids films anymore and it’s also a very predictable story with kind of an odd premise. It still has its moments, it has its morals and it even has some charms that make it worth viewing.  

11. Up (2009)

 I certainly admire “Up” for being this really mature film with some very adult themes but my big problem with this movie was its tone, this film feels way too cynical and mean spirited at times and way too silly and childish in others. I just didn’t feel that same proper balance I felt in films like “Finding Nemo” or “Toy Story 3”. When I first saw this movie I kept saying to myself “I should be enjoying this” but I wasn’t. I think it’s simply a case of good material going a little too far for its own good. Having said all of that, this is still a very mature children's film that is absolutely worth viewing, and if you were able to enjoy this from beginning to end like any other Pixar film, then good for you, I really wish it worked like that for me.    

10. The Incredibles (2004)

 Of all the Pixar movies, “The Incredibles” is the one that I have the most mixed feelings about. From the perspective of a super hero comedy, this film was done very well, the characters are great, the action is awesome and the story holds your interest well. However, much like “Up”, I really just didn’t feel a proper balance between the comedy and the cynical, even depressing moments. It’s still a good film, not one of Pixar’s best or one of their worst, it’s just in that middle good category.  

9. Ratatouille (2007)

 Even though “Ratatouilli” isn’t a film that I watch that often I do still enjoy watching it a lot. It doesn’t have the same charms or even characters that I love in other Pixar movies but this film provides its own unique charms. I just love this movies atmosphere, its warm colors, it’s simple story telling which is full but feels light as air and the ending is a real joy. It's simply one of those movies that just gets a little better every time I watch it.

8. Wall-E (2008)

 I remember when this film first came out, I thought for sure that I was going to hate it but to my surprise it turned out of be a really good film. The lead character Wall-E is so innocent, gentle and cute that it’s impossible not to like him. This is also the only Pixar movie to feature a lover’s relationship that honestly worked and it’s even more ironic that it’s a relationship between two robots, but that just shows how great the righting is. The two lead characters are great, the visuals are stunning, the story is simple and fun, it’s just a genuine and unique little picture that’s easy to enjoy. 

7. Brave (2012)

 This was the first original (by that, I mean not sequel) Pixar movie in years that I really liked. Admittedly, this film uses a lot of really familiar story elements regarding a princes but there are so many new things added to this formula that I really liked. First of all, this was a mother doubter story which I don’t think has been done by either Pixar or Disney. The characters are all great and even though we’ve all seen animated Princesses, it’s still very easy to like this one and her design is awesome. There’s also some stellar animation, lots of atmosphere, it can be funny at times, the music is also really good and this was the first time that I felt a nice mix between the charms of both Disney and Pixar, taking the classic fantasy adventure and mixing it with some depth and a phew good twists.     

6. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Much like the “Toy Story” movies, “Monster’s Inc.” is a treasured little gem from my youth that always manages to put me in a good mood. The lack of drama and depth dose keep it from reaching the same heights as the “Toy Story” movies, but it’s still very fun. The characters are charming and memorable, the story is simple yet very creative, the villains are some of the absolute best that Pixar has to offer and the climax is especially fun to watch. I love the jazzy background music, I enjoy the world the film created, it’s just a really pleasant and fun little film.   

5. Finding Nemo (2003)

It’s really hard not to like “Finding Nemo” because it’s just so perfectly constructed, the story is engaging, all the characters are a lot of fun and unforgettable, the moral of the film is also very wholesome and may even be more for adults than children. I especially love this films rendition of an underwater world, the colors and especially the detail are all just perfect. This one also brought on a lot more drama and dark tones then previous Pixar films and there’s always a perfect balance with some really funny and inventive scenes. I don’t even need to comment further, if you’ve seen the movie already, then you know just how great it is.  

4. Inside Out (2015)

You know that little voice in your head that always tells you what to do in any given situation, well, that’s an emotion or more precisely one of five distinct emotions that live in your imagination and have creative influence on how you live each day. That’s the premise of Disney and Pixar’s 2015 motion picture “Inside Out”. Jumping right to the point, this is one of the studio’s best movies, not just in recent years but in general, it’s one of their greatest animated offerings, top 5 easy. It really has the makings of a classic and has something to offer to younger audiences, older audiences and especially the young at heart. Pixar had been turning out some subpar material lately, but this was a very strong return to the high quality films that they’ve done in the past. It was imaginative, colorful, innovative, touching, magical and for lack of better words, a truly emotional experience that I look forward to seeing again, and again.

3-1. The Toy Story Trilogy (1995, 1999, & 2010)

There was simply no way I could choose one “Toy Story” movie over the other, all three are solid 5 out of 5 star movies. They will always stand as the greatest family films of all time for me and they perfectly capture all the charms and nostalgia of our youths. These films do an amazing job combining laughs with legitimate drama and that balance is always so perfectly in place. The characters are all so lovable, colorful and genuine that they practically leap off the screen. There’s actually a touch of humanity to these characters that some human characters in other films lack, and it’s that bit of believability mixed with all the charms and impressive visual effects that make these films so timeless. I’ve held a special place for these films for the longest time and in return can share them with a new young generation ahead and every installment has the power to make you laugh, cry and just warm your heart with repeated viewings.


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