Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Top 10 Coolest Explosions in Movies

What is is about guys and explosions anyway, I don't know, they just seem to be the epitome of eye candy in an action movie. They hardly seem threatening anymore, now there just awesome, visual splendors and here are my personal top ten favorite movie explosions. So sit back and enjoy that wonderful smell of napalm in the morning.

 #10 Taking down the helicopter from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine  

This movie was panned by critics for it’s over use of old action clichés, including this scene where Wolverine takes out a helicopter and slowly walks away with it blowing up in the background. There’s actually going to be a couple scenes on my list in which a hero will walk away with an explosion behind them, but this one makes my list for one reason. For as cliché as it is, Wolverine has always been one of my favorite action hero’s, and he looks pretty darn cool with a big explosion behind him.

#9 Final Flight of the Enterprise from “Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock” 

Long time Star Trek fans always regarded the Enterprise as more than just a cool spaceship, it was a home and to see it get blown sky high at the hands of Klingons left quiet the effect. It shows that the movie isn't afraid to take chances, and it all results with a bitter sweet but memorable explosion.   

#8 Night Security Ambush from “The Matrix Reloaded” 

Talk about starting you action movie with a bang, when a lone assailant named Trinity launches an attack on a security tower, she literally gets the drop on them thanks to her motorcycle and one big explosion. It may be completely implausible but it’s just so sweet that I couldn’t keep it off my list.   

#7 Liberating an Afghanistan village from “Iron Man” 

When the small Afghanistan village called Gulmira is attacked by terrorists, it’s up to the lone Avenger named Iron Man to put the bad guys in their place, free the civilians and just before departing, he blows up the enemy weapons leading into the most bad ass shot of a hero slowly walking away with an explosion in the background.  

#6 The White House from “Independence Day” 

There have been lots of classic alien invasion movies over the years, but none of them ever felt as iconic or threatening as these massive ships that decimate most of our nations landmarks. The most unforgettable of all being the destruction of the White House, which in many respects is an iconic movie moment and one of the most frightening explosions ever featured in a motion picture.    

#5 The Big Yeha! from "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

This one doesn't make my list just for the sake of eye candy, but because it's one of the most classic movie scenes from a comedy. As a nuclear bomb ship fails to drop it's missal, it's up to a crazy cowboy to put in a little elbow grease and release the weapon, unfortunately that means going down with it. Well, being a true cowboy he decides to relish his blaze of glory just before erupting into a massive nuclear explosion.

#4 Slaying the shark from “Jaws” 

This really is one of the greatest explosions in cinematic history because it’s the finally of the film and it goes out with a bang. A hunt for a ferocious great white shark leads into a thrilling climax, as Roy Scheider sticks an oil drum in the beasts mouth, then with one lucky shot from his riffle, he blows that smiling son of bitch back to hell where it belongs, it’s awesome.  


#3 Old Bailey and Parliament from “V for Vendetta” 

“Remember, Remember, the fifth of November”, and always remember that explosions are the most awesome when a masked revolutionary ignites his destruction, along with classic music like Shokalskiy’s “1812 Overture” and lots of fireworks to further emphasize how triumphant this explosion really is.  

#2 Nakatomi Plaza Roof from “Die Hard” 

Not only is this one of my favorite explosions, it’s also one of the most thrilling, near death escape scenes ever featured in an action movie. As our hero John McClain is trapped on the ruff off a huge building and pinned down from gun fire, his only option is to tie himself to a fire hose and take a daring leap off, just as the roof erupts into a massive explosion. It’s one of the most unforgettable moments from an action movie and one of the reasons that “Die Hard” remains a classic.   

#1 Death Star Raid from “Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi” 

I know most people prefer the Death Star Raid from the original but this one’s personally my favorite as the Millennium Falcon makes a thrilling dash through the interiors of the station and escapes just before it goes Boom! This made it far more thrilling, the shot of the Falcon silhouetted against the explosion made it feel more triumphant and hearing Billy Dee Williams shout Yee Ha at the top of his lungs made it so much more awesome.   

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Movie Princesses (Updated)

    It’s every girls dream to be a princess, right, and in today’s pop culture, there seem to be more princesses than ever before, so plenty of young actresses have the golden opportunity to live out that dream. I knew I’d eventually have to do a list of my own personal favorite Princesses portrayed in movies, so I’ll just take this as my golden opportunity. Now when I say my own personal favorite, I really mean it because, if you’re expecting more traditional princesses like Buttercup from “The Princess Bride”, or Princess Danielle from “Ever After”, there’s a strong chance you’ll be disappointed with this list. Most of my favorite Princesses are very different from the more traditional stereotypes and may come off as very odd choices, but so be it, this is my list and I’ll just be plain and honest with my choices. So, agree or disagree, these are my personal, top 10 personal favorite movie Princesses.     

#10 Princess Vespa from “Spaceballs” 

In this comedy classic, Princess Vespa comes from the planet Druidia and is a direct satire of Princess Leia from the “Star Wars” series. From the bun hair, to her snippy attitude, Vespa is an affectionate and funny spoof of the classic princess, but with her own charms and likability that also makes her stand on her own. Vespa seems to represent every classic trait of a Princess stereotype, and at the same time she’s nothing like traditional movie royalty. Vespa’s more of a stick in the mud, and her personality is that of a child that aged but never grew up, making her a fun offset to all the other princesses out there and an amusing start for my countdown.      

#9 Princess Anna from “Van Helsing” 

In the 2004 motion picture “Van Helsing”, the oh so beautiful Kate Beckinsale plays the princess of the Gypsies, who spends her time hunting down the monsters that terrorize Transylvania, honestly, what’s not to like. This is another character that you’d never associate with a princess stereotype, but she is in fact a princess and she can kick some serious butt. While she knows how to swing a sword and be strong, she still keeps her femininity in tacked and she still has her share of charm and charisma to boot. Kate Beckinsale dose a good job giving this albeit generic action character plenty of personality, emotional strengths and passion to stand as another favorite princess for my list.  

#8 Princess Nuala from “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army” 

From a world of monsters and mystical creatures comes Princess Nuala, one of the most underrated and unique Princesses ever featured in a motion picture. She may belong to a nightmarish world of monsters, but honestly, this Princess is the stuff of dreams. When tensions rise between humans and monsters, her evil brother plots to overthrow humanity, now princess Nuala dose all in her power to maintain peace between the two worlds. Despite the fact that humans hate mystical creatures, she’s still willing to give it all to see that our world stays safe, even if that means giving up her own life in the process, making her one of the bravest and most companionate royals on my list. With her soft and sweet voice, love for poetry and selfless nature, princess Nuala is a personal favorite and not one to underestimate. 

#7 Princess Anastasia from “Anastasia” (1997) 

In this Don Bluth classic, Princess Anastasia imparks on a journey of self discovery to reunite with her Grandmother and learn that she’s in fact the last surviving air the to the Russian thrown. Traditional animated Princesses are a dime a dozen, but Anastasia is a special case because this is a character who had forgotten her heritage all together and has to learn what it means to be in a Royal family. I’ve never seen anything like this before, usually an animated princess is against her heritage but Anastasia just wants something to belong too, she could even care less about the perks of being a royal, it just happens to be something in her family line and she’ll do all in her power to fit in with it. Plus, the character of Anastasia is just brimming with personality and voice actress Meg Ryan brings her to life with attitude, charisma and charm, making Anastasia one of my favorite Princess from an animated motion picture.  

#6 Princess Nefertiri from “The Mummy series” 

Over 3000 years ago, Nefertiri was the princess of Egypt, an expert sword fighter and protector of mystical items. But when her father is murdered by an evil high priest named Imhotep, everything falls to ruin. Now in present day, the princess has been reincarnated as a librarian named Evie, who soon finds herself battling a re-animated mummy of the man who murdered her father centuries ago. This is a very different character for my list because it’s the reincarnated spirit of a princess in the body of a regular everyday woman, but that only makes her more special. I absolutely love the character of Evie, she’s adventurous, energetic and actress Rachel Weisz is so charming and likable in the role. Plus, she has plenty of really cool actions scenes and sword fights to boot.   

#5 Any one of Disney’s Classic Animated Princesses 

This may seem a little absurd giving a single spot on my list to an entire caravan of princesses but honestly, I just couldn’t leave any off my list and I couldn’t fill this list entirely with them either. But let’s face it, whenever we hear the word “princess”, we immediately associate it with one of Disney's classic animated ladies. We all know there colorful designs, we all remember their classic songs and we know them all off by heart, Snow White from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, Jasmine from “Aladdin”, Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, Repunzel from “Tangled”, Cinderella from “Cinderella”, the list goes on and on.

Actually, I really like some of the more underrated characters like Princess Eilonwy from Disney’s “The Black Cauldron”, who in my opinion has the cutest voice of any of them. I’ve never had an official favorite Disney princess, but if I was forced to pick one, it would be either Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” or Pocahontas from Disney’s “Pocahontas”. These are the two princesses that broke out of the traditional royal stereotypes and had so much more to offer. Whichever character you like best, there’s no denying that the Disney Princesses are some of the most classic and belong on any Princess list.  


#4 Princess Neytiri from “Avatar” 

From the planet Pandora comes a race of aliens called Navi, which resemble Native American Indians and the princess of the tribe is a kind hearted, but also fierce warrior named Neytiri. Being a tall, blue skinned, cat like alien from another world definitely makes her stand out on my list of royals. But she sure has all the conventions of a great princess. She isn’t afraid to follow her heart, willingly breaks tradition and trusts her instincts, which leads her to fall in love with a human visitor named Jake. Zoe Saldana is personally one of my favorite actresses and has played some unforgettable Sci-Fi characters ranging from Uhura in “Star Trek” to Gamora in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but it’s her portrayal of this exotic but wise and compassionate, blue skinned alien princess that stands as my favorite character of hers to date.   

#3 Princess Leia from “Star Wars” 

Like I even need to explain why Princess Leia makes my list, she’s pretty much the proclaimed icon of Princesses in the media. Obviously she’s famous for her bun hair, golden bikini, and limited but capable fighting abilities. Personally, I just love how involved she get’s. Leia never once gets held back by her Princess status, she’s always out there on the front line, leading the Rebels in battle, and she has just as much of a tough attitude to boot. What else do I need to say, it’s Princess Leia, one of the greatest Princesses of all time and for all the right reasons. 

#2 Princess Andromeda from “Clash of the Titans” (1981) 

In the Greek legend of Perceus, Andromeda was the Princess of Joppa, and sentenced to death at the hands of a sea monster, but she was rescued by our Greek hero Perceus before being consumed by the beast. Andromeda may not be a house hold name like Princess Leia or any of the classic Disney Princesses, but she is one of the most classic and iconic, especially in Greek Mythology. Heck, this princess actually has a star constellation named after her. No joke, the Great Andromeda Galaxy, also known as the Andromeda Nebula, got its name from an area of the sky, which in Greek literature outlines the appearance of the mythological princess chained to the sacrificial stone. That’s how the constellation of Andromeda got its name, but Astronomy lesions aside, why is she one of my favorite Princesses. While I’ve always been a fan of Greek mythology, I also loved her portrayal in the 1981 motion picture, “Clash of the Titans”. This is the classic princess that any man would fantasized about rescuing. She was so young, innocent and cute that it’s no wonder Perceus put himself through so much for her. The two had a sweet relation and I love how she doesn’t let the status of being a princess keep her from going on a paroles adventure. She may be the epitome of a classic damsel in distress, but she’s also lovable, cute, and she’s the Princess that’s always worth fighting for.   

Before I crown my number one pick, here are my Honorable Mentions ...

Princess Buttercup from “The Princess Bride”, 
Princess Lily from “Legend”, 
Princess Danielle from “Ever After”, 
Princess Odette from “The Swan Princess” 
Princess Fiona from “Shrek

#1 Princess Nausicaa from “Nausicaa of the Vally of the Wind

Taking the top spot on my list is a princess that most main stream movie goers have probably never heard of, but shouldn’t be ignored, nor should her movie. In an apocalyptic future, civilizations wage war for ownership of the last surviving human populations, and cot in the middle is a brave young Princess named Nausicaa who’ll fight to her dying breath to insure peace is made across the land. So what, is she another stereotypical Princess that switches between being a soft spoken mediator, and a cunning, sword wielding action heroin, well, yeah she is ... and more. Princess Nausicaa has a warm heart and charming personality, but she also commands authority, takes serious action and always takes charge in any given situation. If a sudden attack happens, she’ll quickly think of a plan on her feet, and take charge the way a strong leader should. She never talks down to her people like their in any way beneath her, in fact she see’s everyone on the same equal ground, and has the same love and devotion to the smallest inhabitant of her Kingdom that she has for her own family. More than anything, this is a Princess who really inspires her people, raises their hopes, and you just feel that warm connection she has with everyone in her home valley. Also, like any animated princess, she has a real love for nature and can form an instant connection with animals. Now underneath her warm smile and selfless devotion to a just cause, Princess Nausicaa dose in fact have a dark side, an unstoppable rage that lashes our, and it terrifies her when she looses herself. This add’s a lair of complexity to the character which keeps her from being a stereotypical good role model. She is in fact a person bound by the human condition, but that only makes us respect her all the more when she acts heroically. In my opinion, she’s just an all around perfect character who earns her title, and set’s a new standard for other Princess characters to aspire from.

    Now go and live happily ever after! 


                                                                   The End

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mystery Men (1999, Movie Review)

     Super hero movies are all the craze now, aren’t they? I would actually go so far as to call this the great Golden Age of comic book adapted movies. Well, back in the 90’s, I was very limited on good super hero movies. I had the Warner Brother “Batman” movies, even the first two “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” movies and there was one other comic book movie I owned that still stands as a personal favorite of mine to this day. As if you haven’t guised by the title of this blog, I’m referring to the 1999 motion picture titled “Mystery Men”. It’s loosely based on the Dark Horse Comics series called “Flaming Carrot”, which was written by Bob Burden, who also assisted in writing this motion picture. Unlike other comic book adapted movies, this film is also a satire on the superhero genre. There have been hero satires in the past, like the 90’s TV show “The Tick”, but I’ve never watched that show, so this was a completely original concept for me at the time, and I found it hilarious.     

       The Plot goes like a massive metropolis called Champion City, Captain Amazing is everyone’s favorite super hero. He always gets the job done and defeats the bad guys, but he’s also a jerk that only wants the attention and sponsors that being a super hero can give him. On the opposite side of that coin is a small team of would-be hero’s that will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent from the forces of evil. Unfortunately, they really suck at their job, they can never work as a team, the villains always kick their butts and the people of the city shun them for it. However, a powerful mastermind threatens the city and has taken the mighty Captain Amazing captive. Now it’s up to the rookie team of hero’s to improve themselves and become the cities new champions. Before I get to ahead of myself, I’d better talk about the individual team members. There’s seven team members total, all completely absurd, but so likable in their own unique ways. 


Mr. Furious (Ben Stiller)

Our main character is Mr. Furious, whose power comes from his boundless rage. Basically, he’s like the Hulk, just without transforming into a monster. He’s played by Ben Stiller and this is the performance that personally introduced me to him. For all the great things that Ben Stiller has done in other movies, I always find myself remembering him the most as Mr. Furious. It’s interesting to note that despite being the main character of the movie, most of the cast gets top billing over him. I never understood that, it’s not like Ben Stiller was an unknown actor at the time, he stared in some big hits like “There’s Something About Marry”, he directed a number of comedies during the 90’s and he even had “The Ben Stiller Show” that started in 1992, so why was he credited below most of the cast?  

The Bowler (Janeane Garofalo)

There’s only one female member of the group called The Bowler, who has a magical connection with a bowling ball that she can levitate and send flying through the air at her enemies. She gets her powers from her diseased father, who was murdered and now his skull is in the center of her bowling ball. She comes late into the movie, but surprisingly she’s given more back story and a bigger story arch than any of the other characters. This is a girl hell bent on finding her father’s killer and getting revenge. Then during the climax, she’s ultimately the hero who saves the day. You could actually make the argument that if Mr. Furious is the main character, The Bowler is the second lead character.     

The Shoveler (William H. Macy)

Next is the Shoveler, who’s only method of crime fighting is smacking bad guys with a shovel. That may not sound too impressive or that funny but he serves as the teams moral compos. Whenever the odds are against our hero’s, you can always count the Shoveler to raise everyone’s hopes with a motivational speech. Even though his speeches contain a lot of funny lines, he’s also very honest and humble as he acknowledges every team member and their talents. There’s one speech made at the end of the movie before the big climax that personally stands as one of my favorite motivational speeches ever spoken in a motion picture.  

The Blue Raja (Hank Azaria)

Then there’s the Blue Raja, a British hero who has an arsenal of silverware that he hurls at his enemies. While Hank Azaria is very charismatic in the role, and the concept of a crime fighter flinging forks at villains is very amusing, I never really like the character that much, he just wasn’t all that interesting, but he has his moments.   

The Spleen (Paul Reubens)

The team member who pretty much steals the show is the Spleen played by Paul Reubens. Most people recognize Reubens for playing Pee Wee Herman, but personally, I’ll always remember him as this ridiculous superhero who takes out villains with the power of pure flatulence. Seriously, he unleashes toxic, paralyzing farts on his enemies, which he triggers by having people pull his finger. This could have been a lame excuse for lots of fart jokes in the movie, but Paul Reubens completely redeems the character with lots of personality and one of the funniest voices he’s ever made in his whole career.   

Invisible Boy (Kel Mitchell)

The youngest member of the group is Invisible Boy, who has the power to disappear. The problem is that he’s only invisible when no one is watching him, which is hilarious irony. He doesn’t have a whole lot to do in the movie, but at least he stands as a good metaphor of believing in ones gifts that are invisible to others.

The Sphinx (Wes Studi)

At last we have the Sphinx, a cliché-spewing Philosopher who leads the team. Basically, he’s the guide to the Mystery Men, like what Professor X is to the X-Men or what Splinter is to the Ninja Turtles. One thing I never understood about this character is that he has the power to cut guns in half with his mind, however, he only dose this once in the whole movie, and mostly stays out of the action. So why on earth does he have an awesome power like this if he never uses it, in-fact there’s a moment during a battle that the team needs to use a super magnet to take out all the bad guys guns and they never once consider using the Sphinxes power of mind breaking weapons.   

       This cast is what makes the movie so much fun to watch, the characters are all so perfectly distinct from each other, their personalities are very fun and the performances are great. Obviously, none of them will be winning Oscars for this but with the dialog and wardrobe given to the actors, it could have been far too easy for them not to care about the project at all, or just be embarrassed in their parts. Thankfully, the cast completely submerses themselves in these characters, they have so much energy, there clearly having fun and I love the way these characters play off of each other. I honestly believe that this is a group of close friends that have known each other for years, nothing comes off as staged. It’s just a terrific ensemble cast, and a rather enjoyable collection of characters to boot. 

      The Villain of the movie is played by Geoffrey Rush, who’s fantastic, he just livens up this performance with so much juicy wickedness. Before I knew him as the lead villain from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, I always associated Geoffrey Rush as the sinister Casanova Frankenstein. He doesn’t have any super powers or signature fighting moves, he’s just an evil madman with a dooms day machine in basement, it’s as classic as it gets. In a more serious film, this guy would be a lame cliché, but here, Casanova Frankenstein just fits with the tone and goofy charm of the movie. His dooms day machine is perhaps the most imaginative I’ve ever seen, basically it’s a death ray that distorts reality and bends people inside-out, the effects for this are pretty awesome. He also has the craziest variety of evil henchmen I’ve ever seen in a movie. While some villains use ninjas, robots or soldiers, this guy has woman dressed up like the Spice Girls, men in pin-striped suits that look like gangsters from the 1920’s, a team a young hokey plays that always dress in uniform but never actually play the game, rap singers that cant rap, assassins dressed up like people for a masquerade ball and a small army of disco dancing boys that’s lead by Eddie Izzard, it’s crazy.    

       Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more characters, there’s actually quite a big supporting cast. As I said before, Captain Amazing is the other hero who gets all the fame and attention, which he really doesn’t disserve. He’s such a despicable character, in fact his need for attention is what starts all the problems in the movie. His costume further emphasizes what a celebrity he is because it’s cluttered with product logos from other companies that he sponsors. There’s also an inventor character who supplies the Mystery Men with weapons and gadgets, including a shrinking gun and a canned tornado. No joke, he actually throws a can in the air which produces a tornado, it’s ridiculous but very amusing. Mr. Furious also has a typical girl friend, who’s basically just there to get kidnapped and rescued. Then there’s a number of family members who contribute just enough without over complicating the film.

    One of my favorite scenes is when the Mystery Men try to recruit heroes to their cause, this leads into a hilarious montage of wannabe super hero’s featured one after another. This includes rejected wonder woman, a big muscle bound man in a mask that wears ballerina attire and my favorite is a character called The Waffle Man, literally it’s a guy that uses a waffle grill as a weapon. He’s completely over the top and he has his own theme song to boot, honestly, someone needs to make a movie about this guy because he’s funnier than any character in the film.    


     I always regarded this movie to be the end of the 90’s and the begging of the 2000’s. The music selection was definitely a product of the time, most especially the song “All Star” performed by Smash Mouth, which plays during a training montage and during the closing credits. There are lots of impressive special effects on display but they never go overboard with them, in fact it’s mostly hand built sets which look really cool. The battle scenes are also very fun, there’s no over the top stunt work or fighting choreography, it’s all kept simplistic and it just fits with the tone of the film. The setting of Champion city is just like any classic comic book city location, kind of like Gotham City from Batman or Metropolis from Superman. From a distance, this city looks very advanced and futuristic, but once you actually look at the city from ground level and go to all the locations, it actually feels very out of date compared to now days. Dinners look like regular dinners, homes look like regular homes and the TV’s on display are ancient.    

     Even though it’s a super hero satire, this film still takes full advantage of being a comic book movie and it’s given a look and tone that really isn’t that different from other superhero movies from the 90’s or even the early 2000’s. Most of the comedy comes from the characters and how they interact with each other, but there are some very clever gags that are aimed at popular super hero trademarks. My favorite is when the characters argue about the plausibility of regular glasses hiding a superhero’s real identity. This is obviously a satire of superman, but it’s executed brilliantly. The movie never directly mentions what their spoofing, unlike other comedy’s today like “Superhero Movie”, which directly addresses what movie and what scene’s are being spoofed, I hate that. There are times when this movie tries a little too hard to get a big belly laugh, and that don’t always pay off. The most obvious is a scene in which one of the characters is wearing watermelon on his feet for no apparent reason. The best jokes are the more subtle ones, for example, the Shoveler has to borrow his son’s sports vest in order to complete his costume. Also, the Invisible Boy still lives with his parents, so when he invites the team over to his house its hilarious how the parents are completely passive to this crazy group of people.

       The movie utilizes every possible cliché you can think of, right down to that annoying comedic phase that’s featured in every comedy trailer today. The brilliance of this movie is that for every cliché it satirizes, it also embraces them and even celebrates them. My favorite scene in the whole movie, and personally one of my favorite scenes ever featured in a super hero film is when the team gets ready for the final battle. We get a quick montage of them suiting up in their costumes followed by the most epic shot of a team walking in a straight line. Its so firkin cool, even with the silly costumes, this moment makes popular super hero teams like the Justice League look amateurish by comparison. I especially love that this is an underdog story, it’s all about the people that aren’t given enough credit for doing the best they can at their jobs and don’t get enough respect for it. Having said that, this really isn’t a movie for all viewers. It’s extremely loud and over the top at times which can be mind numbing and chaotic, so you really have to be in the proper mind set to enjoy this. Personally, I still think it’s really fun, but a lot of that comes from seeing this at a young age. 


      There were plans for sequels, but the movie was considered a bomb at the box office, so it stands alone with no sequels at all. However, it’s grown something of a small fan base, and is often regarded as a cult classic. It’s actually kind of refreshing to have a standalone superhero movie for once without a never-ending string of sequels. To sum things up, “Mystery Men” isn’t a masterpiece by any means, but I still enjoy it a lot. Even to this day, it has a distinct charm that no other comic book movie seems to match. I watched this film all the time when I was a kid, and while I don’t like it as much as I did back then, it still holds up for me over the years. It’s certainly not one of the greatest super hero movies or anything that special, but it’s a great satire of the comic book genera, celebrates some of the best superhero clichés, it has a memorable cast of fun characters, plenty of funny moments and it’s actually a refreshing offset to all the current super hero movies we get today. 

                                               I give “Mystery Men” 3 ½ stars out of 5.