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All Star Wars Installments Ranked (My Opinion)

    It was a long time ago, in 1977, a little movie came out called "Star Wars", and thus a mega franchise was born. For years this epic saga has engaged fans, and changed the way we look at movies. However, While I love the series overall, do I like them all equally? Obviously a franchise this big will have it's up's a downs, and here's my personal list of how I'd rank them. The movies and TV shows will be ranked separately.    

                   Star Wars TV shows and TV Movies Ranked

#9 The Star Wars Holiday Special (TV Movie) (1978)
 My personal score is 1/10

       Boba Fett certainly has his shining moments but that’s not enough to excuse this specials lack of fun, painfully boring scenes, un-imaginative premise and lack of attention to being both a holiday special or for that matter, a "Star Wars" special.

#8 Star Wars Droids (TV show) (1985)
 My personal score is 5.5/10

       Anthony Daniels still brings the character C-3PO to life with lots of charm and his friendship with R2-D2 is still as great as ever, but the show is still average, lacking any genuine excitement, creative stories and it only provides a handful of worthwhile episodes. 

#7 Star Wars Ewoks (TV show) (1985-1986)
 My personal score is 6/10 

        As far as children's TV shows are concerned, "Star Wars Ewoks" is perfectly harmless. Thanks to its cute cast and imaginative setting, the show is honestly quiet charming on some level, but at the same time it's not that out of the box either.

#6 Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (TV show) (2017)

My Personal Score is 6.5/10

While this female centered mini-series is nothing demanding it's still perfectly harmless, as well as cute and a cool excuse to bring all the Star Wars girls together in one program.

#5 Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (TV Movie) (1984)
 My personal score is 6.5/10 

         At times, the film is charming and rather nostalgic but it’s also dated and annoying at times. A lot of the creatures and locations are cool to look at but the acting is wooden and the story is average. "Caravan of Courage" stands as a great children's adventure film, but probably best reserved only for the young at heart. 

#4 Star Wars Clone Wars (TV show) (2003-2005)
 My personal score is 7/10 

     The creators certainly have respect for the source material of "Star Wars" and have a lot of credible things to offer in this mini series but nothing that stellar really stands out either, it’s competent and worth watching but it's not that memorable or that re-watchable either.

#3 Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (TV Movie) (1985)
 My personal score is 7/10 

       Darker and livelier then the first live action Ewok movie, the story is more exciting and the acting is a lot better. It may not reach the same heights of many of the theatrical "Star Wars" movies but in regards to all the TV movies and spinoffs, this is one of the best.

#2 Star Wars: Rebels (TV show) (2014 - 2018)

My personal score is 9/10 
     Following up on the "Clone Wars", "Rebels" proves that "Star Wars" has a lot more fresh ideas and fun space adventures to offer. With a completely original cast of colorful characters (as well as some familiar favorites), a brisk pace, awesome battle scenes and even a subtle sense of hummer, this show accomplishes the unthinkable and stands as a great entry in the ever expanding "Star Wars" saga.  

#1 Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV show) (2008 – 2014)

My personal score is 9.5/10 
     While it was canceled a little too soon, this was still a surprisingly good show that manages to hold its own in the "Star Wars" franchise. The characters were memorable, the stories are greatly improved over many of the recent films, the animation is beautifully detailed, the action is thrilling and as a whole, this show really stands as a nice gem among all the different "Star Wars" spin-offs and even some of the movies.

                               Star Wars Movies Ranked

#9 Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace (Theatrical Movie) (1999)

 My personal score is 5.5/10 
There are some good effects on display, and some really cool light saber duels, but the film is still brought down by its un-engaging story, overly long scenes that veer off point, lack of emotional depth, bland characters and there’s really nothing all that special about the experience.

#8 Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones (Theatrical Movie) (2002)

 My personal score is 6/10 
       It does have some improvements over the last film, especially in regards to the action and excitement but the characters still lack charm or interest and the story suffers from way to much plot exposition and not enough human drama.

#7 Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Theatrical Movie) (2008)

 My personal score is 6.5/10 
      As a pilot for the TV show, it works fine and dose a good job introducing us to the new characters, plus there's plenty of entertaining moments, but as a theatrical movie it ultimately looses itself with a week story, wooden animation and one too many noisy action scenes.

#6 Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith (Theatrical Movie) (2005)

 My personal score is 7.5/10 
      While this movie has its problems ranging from plot holes to character flaws, it really isn't that bad. The performances are stronger, the music is great, the action is exiting, the element of human drama is slightly stronger than usual and there are even times when I find myself getting invested in what’s going on.

#5 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Movie) (2016)

My personal score is 8.5/10 

The first stand alone Star Wars anthology movie hits all the right notes, expands upon the universe, breaks the narrative formula while still staying rooted in familiar grounds, thrills us with one of the franchises most epic finales and opens the door for countless new possibilities.

#4 Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back (Theatrical Movie) (1980)

 My personal score is 9/10
       While its not my absolute favorite in the series, it is still a strong sequel with dark plot threads, good character development, strong dialog and some highly improved action scenes – most notably that stunning battle on Hoth.

#3 Star Wars: A New Hope (Theatrical Movie) (1977)

 My personal score is 9/10
      It’s the classic Sci-Fi adventure we all grew up with and even though it’s over 20 years old, the story, characters, sets, visuals and imagination behind this film are still just as great and timeless as ever.

#2 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Movie) (2015)

My personal score is 9.5/10 
       Not only dose the Force awaken in this new film, it's also a revival of old school "Star Wars" with a mythical atmosphere, life like animatronics, and of course a reunion of our favorite original cast. However, there's just enough new twists, energy, hummer, and a powerhouse new cast of intriguing new characters which allow this film to stand on it's own, as well as stand tall and strong as one of the franchise's best installments.

#1 Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi (Theatrical Movie) (1983)

 My personal score is 10/10 
       It’s an exciting, thrilling Sci-Fi adventure with some stellar action scenes, but it’s boasted with lots of heart, character depth and conflict, which makes the adventure all the more engaging, powerful and it lands "Return of the Jedi" as my personal favorite entry in the entire "Star Wars" series.

The End 

My Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Heroes (Part 3 of my Top 30 Favorite Star Wars Characters)

Just counted down my top 10 favorite Star Wars girls and villains, so now it's time to finish highlighting my top 30 favorite characters with the best hero's, or at least my personal favorites. By the way, there are no limits as to who can be on this list, it’s open to any character from the Star Wars franchise, whether it’s a movie, TV show or even a novel. My only two condition are that I wont include any female characters, as they've already been highlighted in my past list, and that this list is based on my personal opinions, not because of popularity.  

#10 Kanan

Now here's one of the newer characters that arrived in the "Star Wars Rebels" tv series. Kanan is an an outcast who was once a Jedi, and survived the massacre of order 66, which killed off most of the other Jedi. On his journey he meets a rebellious youth who's strong with the force, and becomes a guide for him, despite despite not completing the basic training himself. Together, they build on each other’s strengths and form a powerful bond of master and apprentice. Both characters are very good, and supply just enough character depth to balance out their high spirited personalities. Freddie Prinze Jr. supplies the voice of Kanan, and while I’ve never been a big fan of the actor, I have to admit that he does a really good job in his respected role. The character himself goes through many up's and downs, and he suffers one of the most unique losses of any hero character. At the end of season 2, Kanan looses his slight, which changes his character in various way. He's still the same but he's also more mature, and just feels more interesting. All in all, he's a terrific new character and a great way to kick off my list.                                      

#9 Qui Gon Jinn

While many people hated the prequel trilogy and the majority of characters that appeared in those films, there is one that definitely stands out as one of my favorite Star Wars characters, and that’s Qui Gon Jinn who appeared as the lead hero in the 1999 motion picture “Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace”. This is the performance that first introduced me to Liam Neeson, and it wouldn’t take long for him to become one of my favorite actors. His portrayal of Qui Gon Jinn is still one of his finest, making the Jedi master come off as one of the most passionate and humble of all the hero’s in the series. Even though Qui Gon parishes at the end of “The Phantom Menace”, he still left a big impact on the franchise, has been featured in other spin off’s and Liam Neeson even returned to supply the voice of the character in the 2008 TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.  

#8 C-3PO & R2-D2 

Well, I couldn’t talk about one without the other, could I? You couldn’t ask for better comedic side characters then C-3PO & R2D2. There never stupidly over the top, they can be occasionally helpful, like when they shut down the garbage crushing machine, and they always help move the story further (these are all elements that Jar, Jar Binks was sourly lacking). Ever sense I saw the original "Star Wars: A New Hope" these two have always been personal favorites. Over the years, they've become more than just memorable reoccurring characters, they've become icons in our pop culture. They've appeared in all 7 theatrical movies, they made several appearances in the TV shows and even had their own spin off series in 1985 titled "Star Wars Droids". Serious kudos to actor Anthony Daniels who's played C-3PO consistently in every spin off that's featured the character. What else do I really need to say, there funny while providing exposition and are a complete joy to have on screen.

#7 Finn

Now here's a different kind of character, Finn is a defective stormtrooper, and before he even takes off his helmet, we can tell what kind of man this is, someone insecure, unsure of his orders, scared, and above all ... a good man. He’s played by John Boyega, who I liked in another Sci-Fi film called “Attack the Block”, and in this movie, he proves to be a talented and versatile actor. There’s a great scene when he frees a resistance pilot named Poe from prison, then we see him making friends for the first time, laughing for the first time, being a person for the first time and it was a joy to behold, really. The audience is privileged to witness a person taking the first steps in discovering who they are. Later we see conflict arising as Finn struggles between succumbing to his fears and doing what's right, but without the experience to adequately come to terms with those two things. 

#6 Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi   

Appearing in almost every movie, TV show and spin off, Obi-Wan Kenobi is still one of the great classic Star Wars characters, and even though he’s been played by several actors over the years, it’s his first portrayal by the late Alec Guinness in “Star Wars 4: A New Hope” that still stands as his absolute best. He was the classic wise mentor that had heart, charisma and even a subtle touch of hummer. James Arnold Taylor did a severable job supplying the voice of the character in the many different Clone Wars TV shows and movie, even Ewan McGregor did a respectable job as obi-Wan in the live action prequel trilogy.

#5 BB8 

Now let's talk about our newest little droid buddy called BB-8, and personally, I think he puts R2-D2 to shame. He sets himself apart from the other droid characters, having a unique design, and a more courageous yet child like personality. It’s hard to make a mute little droid stand out as a prominent character, but BB-8 was easily the life of the party, and had some very funny moments. There’s one brief moment in which he gives a thumbs up using a lighter that just makes me smile every time I see it.      

#4 Lando Calrissian      

Okay, we’re half way through my list, and now the characters are going to get really special with Lando Clarissian. He first debuted in “The Empire Strikes Back” and became a primary protagonist in the original trilogy. Lando was such a welcome new main character to the series, and Billy Bee Williams brings him to life with complete joy and charm, something that just about every new character in the prequel films lacked. I especially love how we don’t get a first good impression of this guy, he betrays his best friend and hands him over to the empire but then comes to his senses, joins the rebels and becomes an honored friend amongst all the other main characters. Everything this character does is fun, enjoyable and on a personal note, at the end of “Return of the Jedi”, Lando gives the greatest “Ye-Ha!” I’ve ever heard in my life.  


#3 Captain Rex 

 Now here’s one out of left field, but a personal favorite all the same, it’s Captain Rex who first premiered in the theatrical 2008 movie “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and became one of the best reoccurring hero’s in the following TV show of the same title. He’s a solider you don’t want to mess with, and an especially strong warrior out on the battle field, but underneath his armor and weapons is a very honorable and selfless man who’s completely committed to helping others. I was so pleased that Rex became a main character of the Clone Wars TV show and his individual episodes are great, the best one being an episode titled “The Deserter”. In this episode, he finds a clone trooper who left the clone war to become a farmer and raise a family. Rex then re-discovers the value of changing and evolving into a better individual, rather than what some scientist at a clone factory programmed into him and his fellow clones. Rex returned in "Star Wars Rebels" and we see how he becomes a respected leader again. All in all, Rex is simply a great character, he’s an awesome fighter, and a genuinely noble hero to have out on the battle field. 

#2 Yoda 

Holly cow, I firkin love this character, mostly because of how awesome he was in “The Empire Strikes Back”. Sure it was cool seeing him swinging a lightsaber in both the prequel films and the Clone Wars series, but hands down, his best shining moments were in the original trilogy. His look and design was perfect and I especially love how many different transitions this character makes in just his first film. In the beginning he’s silly and played for comedic relief, then he starts to get a little mysterious (maybe even a touch creepy) and finally he becomes this very wise and motivating teacher. Personally, I think he might just be the greatest wise, fictional character of all time and everything he says is so humble and honest that you just hold on to everything he says. A perfect example is his classic line “NO, try not, do or do not, there is no try.” Over the years, Yoda has become one of the most popular and beloved Star Wars characters of all time and for all the right reasons.   

Before I reveal my #1 favorite, here are some quick Honorable Mentions ... 

Luke Skywalker 



Mace Windu

Ezra Bridger

 #1 Han Solo 

Oh Yea, you got to love Han Solo, he’s the good “bad boy” of the series and is just such a perfect off set to Luke Skywalker. You just can’t go wrong with Harrison Ford in the role. That smirk on his face is a charm that only he can pull off so well. He’s a tough fitter, fueled with temper but he always has that fun loving personality that bounces back. If I could be any character from this series, it would have to be Han Solo, because honestly, who wouldn’t want to be as awesome as him? 

The End

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My Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Villains (Part 2 of my Top 30 Favorite Star Wars Characters)

I’ve often considered the Star Wars series to have some of the most memorable characters of all time, and I'm at the half way point in counting down my top 30 favorites. Last time I counted down my 10 favorite Star Wars girls, now it's time to highlight the villains. There are no limits as to who can be on this countdown, it’s open to any character from the Star Wars franchise, whether it’s a movie, TV show, video game or novel. My only condition is that I wont include any female villains, sense I already disused them last time. So with that said, here are my personal top 10 favorite villains from the Star Wars universe.     

#10 Jango Fett 

While this armored bounty hunter doesn’t reach the same heights as Boba Fett, he at least functioned as more of a character in the plot of the movie, which is definitely a plus, and something that even his predecessor lacked. Plus, he has some of the best action scenes in the series, proving to hold his own against a Jedi master in a heated battle. Debuting in “Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones”, Jango Fett proved once again that the bounty hunters are some of the best villains that Star Wars has to offer, and that extra bit of coolness always goes a long way.

Jango Fett has been featured in ... 

"Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones" (Movie) - A Main Villain 
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (TV Series) - (Visual References) (2 Episodes)

#9 The Grand Inquisitor

Standing tall at number nine on my list is The Grand Inquisitor, who just recently made his debut as a main antagonist of the new TV series “Star Wars Rebels”. With the evil Empire securing its grip on the galaxy, Darth Vader dispatches the Inquisitor as his personal assassin to hunt down and eliminate all surviving children of the force, and he’s apparently quiet effective at getting his point across. This character is awesome right off the bat, especially when voiced by Jason Isaacs, the same talent who played Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series, you just can’t go wrong there. As you’d expect, Jason Isaacs supplies the character with a deliciously evil performance, making every one of his actions seem disgustingly wicked. Armed with a fancy duel light saber and vast knowledge of the Jedi order, The Inquisitor is a dangerous threat and an awesome villain that shouldn’t be glanced over.   

The Grand Inquisitor has been featured in ... 

"Star Wars Rebels" (TV Series) - A Lead Reoccurring Villain (11 Episodes) 

#8 Grand Admiral Thrawn

After the conclusion of the original Star Wars trilogy, the very first novels of the expanded universe known as “The Thrawn Trilogy” came into play. The titular Grand Admiral Thrawn was the main antagonist of these books, and has sense become one of the most beloved characters in the expanded universe. I was first introduced to him as one of the main antagonists of the TV series “Star Wars Rebels”, but after words I dug up every comic and video game associated with the character. Unlike other villains in the Star Wars universe, Thrawn has a certain respect for both his adversaries and peers. He loves art, he isn’t driven by his ego, and while he’s ruthless, his actions are very unique, yet devastating. This isn’t a villain who lashes out and attacks in full force, he’s more calculated, strategic, and his greatest weapon is his intelligence. Despite being the more laid back and chill adversary, he still has a commanding presence, and will always be a fan favorite of the expanded universe.        

Grand Admiral Thrawn has been featured in ... 

"Star Wars Rebels" (TV Series) - A Lead Reoccurring Villain (19 Episodes)  

#7 Kylo Ren (from the movies) and Darth Caedus (from the Novels)

Weather your reading the "Legacy" book series, or watching the new movies, it's the conflicts between Han Solo and his son turned evil that I find to be one of the most intriguing of the series. In the novels he's known as Darth Caedus, while in the most recent movie "The Force Awakens", he's called Kylo Ren. For the sake of his countdown, I'll focus on Kylo Ren from the movies, even though the novels portrayal of the character is still just as captivating. Honestly, I think Kylo Ren’s story was set up better in "The Force Awakens" then even Darth Vader’s was in the original movie. Right from the beginning we see Kylo Ren strutting confidently with his force powers, stopping a lazar blast in mid air, wearing a creepy mask with a menacing voice, and we think to ourselves "Ok, this is the New Darth Vader: confident, Evil, and in charge". But as the movie goes on, we discover just how vulnerable and emotional this character really is. Every action he takes is meant to impress the first order and prove to himself that he is the new Darth Vader, but this guy can take his mask off at will, revealing a perfectly healthy face underneath. That's when it hits us, Kylo Ren is not the new Darth Vader at all, he's just an impressionable youth who wants to believe he is. There’s a great moment when he laments to the burned helmet of Darth Vader, a symbol of his grandfather, that he is tempted by the light, he is in conflict, and he is struggling just as any young person does. It makes Kylo Ren feel like a very human villain, and not just another cool looking bad guy.   

The Kylo Ren has been featured in ... 

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Movie) - The Lead Antagonist  
"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (Movie) - The Lead Antagonist  

#6 Jabba the Hutt

Next on my list is the most disgusting villain in the galaxy, the massive space slug and rules his own criminal empire with an iron fist. Jabba the Hutt made his first appearance as an antagonist in “Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi”, and has sense made appearances in other Star Wars movies and TV shows. This is a different kind of villain, he doesn’t have any fighting capabilities and doesn’t look like much of a threat on the surface, but he’s always large and in charge when confronted by his enemies. It’s the way he rules and dominates that makes him a threat to our hero’s. He’s a fun gross out villain and he’s got one of the greatest evil chuckles I’ve ever heard.

Jabba the Hutt has been featured in ...

"Star Wars 4: A New Hope" (Movie) - Supporting Villain  
"Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi" (Movie) - A Main Villain  
"Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace" (Movie) - Cameo 
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Movie) - A Main Villain
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (TV Series) - Minor Reoccurring Villain (4 Episodes)

#5 The Emperor 

Emperor Palpatine has been the big threat in just about every Star Wars movie, he’s appeared countless times in TV shows, other spin offs and he’s still the greatest threat the galaxy ever faced. I’m not sure how to adequately describe a perfect movie villain, but I certainly know it when I see it, and personally, I think that Ian MacDiarmid’s performance as The Emperor is one of the greatest villain performances of all time, right up there with Bela Lugosi as Dracula. He just has this really evil presence and everything he says in that quiet voice of his just gives me chills. There’s a lot of mystery to this character, we don’t know that much about him and I love it when there’s a mystique to a villain, it just makes them so much more interesting. He’s also very calm and collected, like he’s in complete control of the game and that just makes him feel all the more threatening. 

The Emperor has been featured in ... 

"Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back" (Movie) - Supporting Villain  
"Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi" (Movie) - A Main Villain 
"Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace" (Movie) - Supporting Villain 
"Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones" (Movie) - Cameo 
"Star Wars: Clone Wars" (TV Mini Series) - Reoccurring Cameo's (Seasons 1-2) 
"Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith" (Movie) - The Lead Antagonist  
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Movie) - Cameo
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (TV Series) - A Main Reoccurring Villain (17 Episodes)
"Star Wars Rebels" (TV Series) - Reoccurring Villain (5 Episodes) 

#4 Boba Fett

Good old Boba Fett, ever sense he first appeared in “The Star Wars Holiday Special”, this mysterious masked bounty hunter has become one of the biggest cult icons of all the Star Wars characters, and has helmed countless video games, comic books and novels. Even though he did little as a villain in the actual movies, he still left an impact and has had a bigger story that’s expanded through different TV spin offs and graphic novels. Not even George Lucas himself could have predicted the cult fandom that would grow with Boba Fett, who's arguably one of the greatest supporting villains of all time. 

Boba Fett has been featured in ...

"Star Wars 4: A New Hope" (Movie) - Cameo
"The Star Wars Holiday Special" (TV Movie) - The Lead Antagonist
"Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back" (Movie) - A Main Villain  
"Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi" (Movie) - Supporting Villain
"Star Wars Droids" (TV Series) - Guest Villain (1 Episode) 
"Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones" (Movie) - Supporting Villain
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (TV Series) - Minor Reoccurring Villain (5 Episodes)

#3 Darth Maul

Redeeming himself as one of the greatest villains in the Star Wars cannon is Darth Maul, a villain with a face that would be fitting for your darkest nightmares. Maul made his first appearance in the 1999 motion picture “Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace”, and while he initially got many people excited, he unfortunately got cut short before he could leave a real impact. Thankfully, the 2008 TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” brought him back from the dead, and gave him the chance to shine as the menacing villain that he always meant to be. Voice actor Samuel Witwer supplies Maul with a deeply chilling voice, and a lot of class. His design is fantastic and it was just a real treat to finally see what this bad boy is made of. This portrayal of the character was so successful that the character is finally getting his own graphic novels and a more fleshed out back story in the expanded universe. He might have been taken from the movies before his time, but his life continues to grow in all the spin offs, TV shows, Star Wars literature and he’s found a place among my personal favorite villains that the series has ever created. 

Darth Maul has been featured in ...

"Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace" (Movie) - The Lead Antagonist  
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (TV Series) - Reoccurring Villain (7 Episodes)
"Star Wars Rebels" (TV Series) - Reoccurring Villain (5 Episodes) 
"Solo: A Star Wars Story" (Movie) - Cameo

#2 Cad Bane

Let’s make this list a bit more interesting, it just wouldn’t be complete without the galaxy’s greatest and coolest bounty hunter. That’s right, Boba Fett is only second rate in comparison to Cad Bane. Premiering in the TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, Cad Bane was the surprise villain that no one saw coming, and completely stole the show. When it comes to villains in the Star Wars universe, they usually come off as menacing and powerful but they never seem to be having fun with what they do. In the case of Cade Bane, he loves every second of what he does, he always has that wicked smirk, always making remarks with sick sense of hummer, and is always in control of every situation he’s in. He fights dirty and can hold his own against not just one but two Jedi masters in hand to hand combat. Even when apprehended, he still acts cool and collected like he’s got a plan up his sleeve. His voice is downright chilling, and I just love his laidback, and sinister personality, it’s just awesome. I especially love his overall look and design which was based off of Lee Van Cleef AKA “Angel Eye’s” from “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”, can’t go wrong there. 

Cad Bane has been featured in ... 

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (TV Series) - A Main Reoccurring Villain (10 Episodes)


Before I reveal my #1 pick, here are some Honorable Mentions...

Count Dooku

Governor Tarkin


The Son

Agent Kallus


#1 Darth Vader 

Well you didn’t expect any other character from this series to be here on this spot, did yah. Now when I say Darth Vader is my favorite villain, I mean a pinch more than just that, he’s also my absolute favorite character in the series. Darth Vader is often regarded as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) villains ever in film and for a good reason. Right from the first movie, he’s intimidating and a powerful enemy, with one of the sharpest designs I’ve ever seen. That awesome helmet, long cape, red lightsaber and the voice of James Earl Jones, it’s just perfect. Throw in a complex story of him going from a tragic fallen hero, too evil galactic conqueror and then in the end he becomes a hero again, and you got yourself an A+ bad guy. This was the first time I ever found myself caring for a villain, and with that bit of emotional depth and back story mixed with his awesome look and design, that’s the perfect ingredients for one of Hollywood’s best villains and my personal favorite character from the Star Wars series.

Darth Vader has been featured in ...

"Star Wars 4: A New Hope" (Movie) - The Lead Antagonist 
"The Star Wars Holiday Special" (TV Movie) - Cameo 
"Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back" (Movie) - The Lead Antagonist 
"Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi" (Movie) - The Lead Antagonist  
"Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith" (Movie) - A Main Villain 
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (TV Series) - (Visual Reference) (1 Episode)
"Star Wars Rebels" (TV Series) - A Lead Reoccurring Villain (7 Episodes) (Pending)
"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Movie) - (Visual Reference)
"Rouge One: A Star Wars Story" (Movie) - Supporting Villain

To Be Continued ...