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My Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Girls (Part 1 of my Top 30 Favorite Star Wars Characters)

The Star Wars saga is one of the largest franchises of all time, and with a saga this big, you’re going to have a lot of characters. I’ve often considered the Star Wars series to have some of the most memorable characters of all time, and with its expanded universe of all the different novels, TV shows, video games and movies, there’s lots of great characters to choose from. So for this special 3 part post, I’ll be counting down my Top 30 favorite Star Wars characters. That’s obviously a lot to cover in one list, so I’ll break the characters down into three categories ... the girls, the villains and the other hero’s. For part 1, I’ll be covering my 10 favorite female characters. 

#10 Jyn Erso 

Jyn Erso is the second female character of the Star Wars universe who's the main star of a movie, that being the 2016 film "Rouge One: A Star Wars Tail". She's played by Felicity Jones, who is a welcome new comer to the cast of note worthy Star Wars performers, and while the character of Jyn isn't the absolute best, she at least stands out as a memorable character in her own right. She has a good back story, I cheered for her, and she looked cool, despite coming off like someone who came out of "The Hunger Games" franchise. 

#9 Jaina Solo 

It's the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia ... need I say more. Oh wait, she's also became the apprentice of Boba Fett. So she's got the makings of some of the franchises best characters. Like her mother and father before her, Jaina is a natural born rebel with a fascinating journey to boot. Her most epic and emotional story arch came in the "Star Wars Legacy" book series, in which she was forced to face her twin brother Jason, who turned into the evil Darth Caedus.   

#8 Hera 

Much like the crew of the Millennium Falcon from the original trilogy, the "Ghost Crew" of the TV series "Star Wars Rebels" think of themselves as a tight family. The titular mother of the group comes in the form on a green alien pilot named Hera. She’s the voice of reason, and it’s a real treat to finally have a Twi’lek alien as a main character. Star Wars fans recognize Twi’leks best from “Return of the Jedi” in which one of them was dumped in a monster pit by Jabba the Hutt. As a child, Hera had one burning desire, to break free from the shackles of war. Her freedom takes shape as a pilot fighting for a greater cause.  

#7 Lumiya 

She's half human, half machine, armed with an energy whip, and is arguably one of the most evil characters on the Star Wars roaster. After a fatal battle against Luke Skywalker, Lumiya has had a real grudge against his him and his family. In the "Star Wars Legacy" book series, she enacts her vengeance by corrupting the mind and sole of Han and Leia's son Jason Solo, turning him into the sinister Darth Caedus. Even though she's only appeared in the books, Lumiya still has this menacing presence that just gives me chills. Her actions have brought damage to our hero's on nuclear levels, but she's always so calm and collective about it.   

#6 Mara Jade Skywalker 

This is yet another entry on my countdown who's never never been featured in any of the movies or even the TV shows, but has earned the status of a classic character. Mara was first introduced in the Star Wars novel titled “Heir to the Empire” and she’s been a beloved character in the expanded Star Wars universe ever sense. Originally she was a first hand servant to the evil Emperor Palatine, but she turned a new leaf, became the wife of Luke Skywalker, and the mother of Ben Skywalker. As a kid, I couldn’t even imagine Luke Skywalker getting married to anyone, but Mara Jade is a perfect match and personally, I actually find her to be deeper and subsequently more interesting hero then her husband. This is a character who's life was a journey, one full of tragedy, beauty and heroism. 

#5 Sabine 

Now here's a special character that deserves more attention. Just like the previously mentioned Mara Jade, Sabine's life was a journey with complicated twists and turns, but that only made her all the more interesting. Premiering in the "Star Wars Rebels" tv show, Sabine was the feisty weapons technician of the group, and has a talent for turning destruction into an art form. She's brimming with personality, and just enough compelling humanity to balance out. Her armor has a striking resemblance to the bounty hunter Boba Fett, just with a pink makeover, and it really helps give Sabine her own identity.    

#4 Asajj Ventress 

Hand's down, one of the greatest villains of the entire Star Wars universe, and subsequently one of the best female characters. She is one of the first female dark Jedi's, and when Asajj Ventress made her grand appearance as one of the main antagonists in the Clone Wars saga, fans were very satisfied. She has everything you’d want from a cool villain ... a feeling of shadow menace ... check, a sad back story ... check, a menacing design ... check, a sinister voice that will make your skin crawl ... check, a personal journey of her going from evil villain to anti hero that just wants to find her place in the world ... check and double check. I don’t think I need to list any more reasons as to why she belongs on my list, but I will say that she’s one of the few villains from the expanded Star Wars universe who can really hold their own as a memorable character in the saga.   

#3 Princess Leia    

Well, here she is, the most classic of all the Star Wars girls. If you’ve read the list of my top ten favorite Damsels, you may remember that Princess Leia ranked very highly among them. I love how despite being a princess character that often needs to be rescued, she can still hold her own very well. She’s never entirely helpless, she thinks fast, helps her friends get out of tight situations and when it’s time to fight, she gives it her all. She’s even one of the few damsels in film who can rescue herself before the main hero’s get that privilege. The scene in Return of the Jedi, where she kills Jabba the Hutt is just the perfect example of that. Of cores she sponsored two of the most famous Star Wars costumes ever, the first being the "Cinnamon Bun Hairstyle" from the first film and the second one being the "Metal Bikini" from Return of the Jedi. Overall, Princess Leia is a classic damsel that has a sharper edge, good character development and has insanely good looks to match. However, even though she's the most famous, there are still two more that I like more. 

#2 Rey 

This is the first female character of the Star Wars universe to be the main hero of a movie, which is already a nice touch. In "The Force Awakens", we’re introduced to Rey as a lone scavenger on a desert planet. Her character unfolds like a map as she discovers what kind of life exists outside her small planet but she also struggles with her attachment to the hope that her family will come back again. As the force awakens in her, she refuses the call to adventure and even turns it away at one point. I liked Rey well enough at first, but as these curve balls kept hitting her left and right, I really got involved in her conflict. New comer Daisy Ridley shines in this role, bringing a lot of passion, and energy to the role. In fact, it’s one of those cases where I don’t even see an actress, I just see that character alive. I also like how she’s just an ordinary person who gets roped into an adventure, and not some pre-determined “chosen one”. One last thing I wanted to note was Rey’s attire, which I really liked. It felt like an outfit from this universe, and she looked great, without coming off as slutty.

Before I reveal my #1 favorite, here are some Honorable Mentions ... 

Padme Amidala 

The Seventh Sister


Barriss Offee


Duchess Satine

#1 Ahsoka Tano

Kicking ass at #1 on my list is Anakin’s young apprentice Ahsoka Tano. Love her or hate her, I think that she's earned the status as a classic character in the expanded Star Wars universe, and personally ... she's my girl! Ahsoka is the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, and their relationship of master and padawan is one of the franchises most enduring. Admittedly, I didn’t get a good first impression of her at all when she debuted in “The Clone Wars” movie. 

But then I really grew to like her a lot in the TV series of the same title. After watching all six seasons of the show, as well as the "Star Wars Rebels" TV series, she’s become my personal favorite. With her big blue eyes, unique alien design, enthusiasm and personal struggles, she’s every bit as cute as she is enduring. Of all the female characters from this series, I felt that I went on a journey with Ahsoka. It’s honestly been a real joy watching this once shallow character grow and mature over the cores of the series. Not only did Ahsoka grow and change, but her individual arches ranging from her departure with the Jedi order, to her climactic confrontation with Darth Vader are some of the best moments of the whole saga. She’s a skilled fighter, strong, brash and has a really fun, spunky personality. She can also be wise and patient at times too, which helps give her more character depth. All in all, Ahsoka may have started a little rough around the edges, but she grew a respectable place amounts all the different Star Wars characters, and is personally my favorite of all the Star Wars girls.  

To Be Continued ... 

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