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My Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Heroes (Part 3 of my Top 30 Favorite Star Wars Characters)

Just counted down my top 10 favorite Star Wars girls and villains, so now it's time to finish highlighting my top 30 favorite characters with the best hero's, or at least my personal favorites. By the way, there are no limits as to who can be on this list, it’s open to any character from the Star Wars franchise, whether it’s a movie, TV show or even a novel. My only two condition are that I wont include any female characters, as they've already been highlighted in my past list, and that this list is based on my personal opinions, not because of popularity.  

#10 Kanan

Now here's one of the newer characters that arrived in the "Star Wars Rebels" tv series. Kanan is an an outcast who was once a Jedi, and survived the massacre of order 66, which killed off most of the other Jedi. On his journey he meets a rebellious youth who's strong with the force, and becomes a guide for him, despite despite not completing the basic training himself. Together, they build on each other’s strengths and form a powerful bond of master and apprentice. Both characters are very good, and supply just enough character depth to balance out their high spirited personalities. Freddie Prinze Jr. supplies the voice of Kanan, and while I’ve never been a big fan of the actor, I have to admit that he does a really good job in his respected role. The character himself goes through many up's and downs, and he suffers one of the most unique losses of any hero character. At the end of season 2, Kanan looses his slight, which changes his character in various way. He's still the same but he's also more mature, and just feels more interesting. All in all, he's a terrific new character and a great way to kick off my list.                                      

#9 Qui Gon Jinn

While many people hated the prequel trilogy and the majority of characters that appeared in those films, there is one that definitely stands out as one of my favorite Star Wars characters, and that’s Qui Gon Jinn who appeared as the lead hero in the 1999 motion picture “Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace”. This is the performance that first introduced me to Liam Neeson, and it wouldn’t take long for him to become one of my favorite actors. His portrayal of Qui Gon Jinn is still one of his finest, making the Jedi master come off as one of the most passionate and humble of all the hero’s in the series. Even though Qui Gon parishes at the end of “The Phantom Menace”, he still left a big impact on the franchise, has been featured in other spin off’s and Liam Neeson even returned to supply the voice of the character in the 2008 TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.  

#8 C-3PO & R2-D2 

Well, I couldn’t talk about one without the other, could I? You couldn’t ask for better comedic side characters then C-3PO & R2D2. There never stupidly over the top, they can be occasionally helpful, like when they shut down the garbage crushing machine, and they always help move the story further (these are all elements that Jar, Jar Binks was sourly lacking). Ever sense I saw the original "Star Wars: A New Hope" these two have always been personal favorites. Over the years, they've become more than just memorable reoccurring characters, they've become icons in our pop culture. They've appeared in all 7 theatrical movies, they made several appearances in the TV shows and even had their own spin off series in 1985 titled "Star Wars Droids". Serious kudos to actor Anthony Daniels who's played C-3PO consistently in every spin off that's featured the character. What else do I really need to say, there funny while providing exposition and are a complete joy to have on screen.

#7 Finn

Now here's a different kind of character, Finn is a defective stormtrooper, and before he even takes off his helmet, we can tell what kind of man this is, someone insecure, unsure of his orders, scared, and above all ... a good man. He’s played by John Boyega, who I liked in another Sci-Fi film called “Attack the Block”, and in this movie, he proves to be a talented and versatile actor. There’s a great scene when he frees a resistance pilot named Poe from prison, then we see him making friends for the first time, laughing for the first time, being a person for the first time and it was a joy to behold, really. The audience is privileged to witness a person taking the first steps in discovering who they are. Later we see conflict arising as Finn struggles between succumbing to his fears and doing what's right, but without the experience to adequately come to terms with those two things. 

#6 Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi   

Appearing in almost every movie, TV show and spin off, Obi-Wan Kenobi is still one of the great classic Star Wars characters, and even though he’s been played by several actors over the years, it’s his first portrayal by the late Alec Guinness in “Star Wars 4: A New Hope” that still stands as his absolute best. He was the classic wise mentor that had heart, charisma and even a subtle touch of hummer. James Arnold Taylor did a severable job supplying the voice of the character in the many different Clone Wars TV shows and movie, even Ewan McGregor did a respectable job as obi-Wan in the live action prequel trilogy.

#5 BB8 

Now let's talk about our newest little droid buddy called BB-8, and personally, I think he puts R2-D2 to shame. He sets himself apart from the other droid characters, having a unique design, and a more courageous yet child like personality. It’s hard to make a mute little droid stand out as a prominent character, but BB-8 was easily the life of the party, and had some very funny moments. There’s one brief moment in which he gives a thumbs up using a lighter that just makes me smile every time I see it.      

#4 Lando Calrissian      

Okay, we’re half way through my list, and now the characters are going to get really special with Lando Clarissian. He first debuted in “The Empire Strikes Back” and became a primary protagonist in the original trilogy. Lando was such a welcome new main character to the series, and Billy Bee Williams brings him to life with complete joy and charm, something that just about every new character in the prequel films lacked. I especially love how we don’t get a first good impression of this guy, he betrays his best friend and hands him over to the empire but then comes to his senses, joins the rebels and becomes an honored friend amongst all the other main characters. Everything this character does is fun, enjoyable and on a personal note, at the end of “Return of the Jedi”, Lando gives the greatest “Ye-Ha!” I’ve ever heard in my life.  


#3 Captain Rex 

 Now here’s one out of left field, but a personal favorite all the same, it’s Captain Rex who first premiered in the theatrical 2008 movie “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and became one of the best reoccurring hero’s in the following TV show of the same title. He’s a solider you don’t want to mess with, and an especially strong warrior out on the battle field, but underneath his armor and weapons is a very honorable and selfless man who’s completely committed to helping others. I was so pleased that Rex became a main character of the Clone Wars TV show and his individual episodes are great, the best one being an episode titled “The Deserter”. In this episode, he finds a clone trooper who left the clone war to become a farmer and raise a family. Rex then re-discovers the value of changing and evolving into a better individual, rather than what some scientist at a clone factory programmed into him and his fellow clones. Rex returned in "Star Wars Rebels" and we see how he becomes a respected leader again. All in all, Rex is simply a great character, he’s an awesome fighter, and a genuinely noble hero to have out on the battle field. 

#2 Yoda 

Holly cow, I firkin love this character, mostly because of how awesome he was in “The Empire Strikes Back”. Sure it was cool seeing him swinging a lightsaber in both the prequel films and the Clone Wars series, but hands down, his best shining moments were in the original trilogy. His look and design was perfect and I especially love how many different transitions this character makes in just his first film. In the beginning he’s silly and played for comedic relief, then he starts to get a little mysterious (maybe even a touch creepy) and finally he becomes this very wise and motivating teacher. Personally, I think he might just be the greatest wise, fictional character of all time and everything he says is so humble and honest that you just hold on to everything he says. A perfect example is his classic line “NO, try not, do or do not, there is no try.” Over the years, Yoda has become one of the most popular and beloved Star Wars characters of all time and for all the right reasons.   

Before I reveal my #1 favorite, here are some quick Honorable Mentions ... 

Luke Skywalker 



Mace Windu

Ezra Bridger

 #1 Han Solo 

Oh Yea, you got to love Han Solo, he’s the good “bad boy” of the series and is just such a perfect off set to Luke Skywalker. You just can’t go wrong with Harrison Ford in the role. That smirk on his face is a charm that only he can pull off so well. He’s a tough fitter, fueled with temper but he always has that fun loving personality that bounces back. If I could be any character from this series, it would have to be Han Solo, because honestly, who wouldn’t want to be as awesome as him? 

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  1. Needless to say, the old trilogy is a remarkable part of Star Wars and all three films are great, especially The Empire Strikes Back which still stands as my favorite and always will be the best of the series. May the force be with you, Mr. Movie.