Sunday, January 1, 2012

Star Wars Month Begins ... by making fun comparisons with Star Trek The Next Generation

     When I was a little kid growing up in the 90’s, there were to science fiction series that I just couldn’t get enough of. One of them was the TV show Star Trek The Next Generation and the other was the original Star Wars trilogy. Wow, the joy these two franchises brought me is something that I simply couldn’t do justice. Star Trek TNG came first and I’d often watch episodes with my dad and latter in 1996, he took me out to see “Star Trek First Contact” (which was actually the first live action movie I ever saw in the theater). Then the following year I saw the “Star Wars” Trilogy for the very first time when the special edition was released in theaters for 1997. At first I thought that Star Wars would be some kind of prequel to Star Trek TNG and showing the early years of Captain Picard. Well the two couldn’t be more different, one was a sophisticated show about exploration and the other was an exciting fantasy adventure. However, while these two were completely different I still couldn’t help but compare a few things, they both took place in space, they both had Star in the title, heck both Picard and Skywalker had Luke in their names. But more than anything, I always noticed how similar the characters were and really evaluate how much the two groups had in common. 

        Han Solo and Commander Riker were the cool guys, both were tuff fighters and were always at first bass with the ladies but at the same time they were series and noble officers, just with fun personalities. They both had awesome facial expressions, especially there smirks.

       I couldn't help but make the comparison between Commander Worf and Chewbacca. These were the tough guys, both were from a warrior race and they both wore a sash across their chest.

       Then there’s Data and C-3PO, these were the robotic, intelligence members and occasional comedic reliefs. Both provided plot exposition and were just a real joy to have on screen, plus C-3PO had gold plated armor while Data wore a gold uniform.

       I don’t remember comparing Counselor Troi to Princess Leia but they both did have some crazy hair and I will say that they both stood out as the most attractive characters to be in a Sci-Fi series.

       I also found myself making several comparisons between Darth Vader and Locutus. Both were good people that went bad and both were humans that now have cybernetic coverings.

       But my first big comparison was between the Death Star and the Borg cube. I mean how could you not make a comparison, ones a big floating sphere while the other is a big floating cub. In “Star Wars 4 A New Hope”, Luke had to fire torpedoes into one certain round section to destroy the Death Star and in “Star Trek First Contact” the enterprise (and a fleet of federation ships) also had to fire all there missiles into one certain round section to destroy the Borg cube. Early in the Star Wars trilogy we get our first Death Star but it was destroyed, then latter there was a second Death Star that the characters had to battle and destroy. The same thing happened in Star Trek TNG, we had our first Borg cub that the characters battled and destroyed, then latter we get our second Borg cub that engaged our hero’s but was eventually destroyed. (P.S. I’m not including the Borg cubes seen in “Star Trek Voyager”).

       Bottom line, Star Trek and Star Wars are two completely different things, however people can’t help but compare the two. There’s a huge abundance of crossover fan videos on YouTube, there’s even documentaries titled “Star Wars V.S. Star Trek” and the 2008 movie “Fan Boys” had a running joke that Star Wars fans were literally at war with Star Trek fans to determine which is superior. Personally, neither is better than the other, I find them both to be equally engaging Sci-Fi extravaganzas with unforgettable adventures, brilliant writing and outstanding characters, that just happen to have a few things in common. Having said that, I do still have more to say about "Star Wars", in fact I have a whole months worth of things revolving around the series. Time to engage to a galaxcy far, far away ... my Star Wars month has begun.     

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