Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Top 10 Cutest Animated Girls (Updated)

          I never under stood how an animated girl could come off as hot or attractive to some people, but they certainly can be cute. With the right personality, the right voice and the right charisma, animated girls can be nothing short of adorable. I’m not looking at who’s drawn the most attractively, or who’s the most well developed character, this list is all about the animated girls that I find to be just plain cute.  

#10 Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service

     In this Hayao Miyazaki classic, a young teenage witch leaves home to make a life for herself, and fate leads her to a small town where she becomes a delivery girl for a bakery. From there on, it’s just the life and times of this young which, the people she meets and all the little adventures she has along the way. This could have been a very boring premise, but thanks to its lead heroin, it’s one of the most simplistic and charming experiences I’ve had with an animated movie. Kiki is just so genuine and delightful that I just love following her in this light as air story. In Disney’s English dub version, Kiki is voiced by Kirsten Dunst and she just hit’s it out of the park by bringing Kiki to life with a personality that’s both young and sweet, but also grown up and mature, it’s just the perfect balance. She doesn’t even feel like a traditional “character”, she actually comes off more like a friend that I’d just want to spend some time with, and that’s the real magic of the movie. She’s simply one of the most delightful characters I’ve ever seen from one of the most delightful animated movies of all time. 

#9 Wendy from Disney’s Peter Pan

     Here’s one that usually wouldn't be mentioned on a list like this, but it’s another personal favorite of mine. Despite being younger then all of Disney’s marketed princesses, Wendy's actually one of the most grown up and mature of all the Disney females. Huge props to voice actress Kathryn Beaumont, who can take a by the numbers innocent child and make her sound like a mature, intelligent and honestly quiet entertaining character. It’s actually interesting how she contrasts with the other classic Disney Princesses like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty because they always felt like little children in adult bodies, while Wendy felt like an adult in a child's body. Now, this description may not make Wendy sound cute the same way I’ve described the others on my list, but she has a lot more charm on display then not. While Wendy is very mature, she is still a kid, and the film does a great job balancing her two personas. She does get curious, excited and when she act’s cute, she’s really cute.

#8 Sakura from Cardcaptors ( or Cardcaptor Sakura as it's called in Japan)

      Sakura Avalon was just a normal, everyday elementary school girl with big hopes and even bigger dreams. One magical day, fate chooses her to take on the responsibility of protecting the people she loves from magical oddities that have a tendency to accrue at unexpected times in her home town. While she makes for a strong hero character that never backs down from a fight, she also never loses her charming every day girl persona that makes her so lovable. This is a kid that’s just full of life, she brightens everyone’s day and gets overjoyed by the simple little things in life that so many people take for granted. While the original Japanese Anime is far superior to it's Americanized counter part, I do still prefer the English dubbed voice actress Carly McKillip who infuses Sakura with a voice and personality that’s both sweet and innocent while also making her sound smarter and older then her age would suggest. Of course her design is fantastic, only Japanese animators can make a face that cute, and I especially like how her costume changes in each episode. Named after the word “Cherry Blossom”, Sakura is every bit as sweet and as wholesome as her colorful title would suggest.

#7 Mabel from Gravity Falls

      In the strange little town of Gravity Falls, twin siblings named Dipper and Mable spend their summer going on wild and hilarious supernatural adventures. Dipper plays things like a strait man, which allows his crazy hyperactive sister to set him off perfectly. Just how cute is this character ... well, right from the opening title sequence at the beginning of every episode is Mable snuggling with her pet pig, which is nothing short of precious. This is a character who seems to live in her own bizarre little world, which makes her overflow with a zany personality. While her silly antics could be annoying, she makes up for it with a clear conscience, and a noticeably big heart under neither all the crazy. Goofy characters like this are all the more lovable when you know they’ll have their quiet moments to bond with someone or be there for emotional support. Her relationship with her twin brother dipper is probably one of the sweetest sibling friendships I’ve ever seen in an animated program. Full of relentless energy and powered by sugar filled fantasies, Mable is that one pain in the neck child you just can’t help but love.            

#6 Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

     Who would ever guise that Dracula's daughter, a vampire with gothic attire could possibly be the least bit cute. Well, Dracula’s daughter isn’t just cute, she’s also endearing, upbeat and an all around fun character. Suffering from the Disney princess curse of being trapped in her tour, this young vampire just wants to get on with her life dang it. It’s a conflict we’ve seen before, but I’ve never seen a vampire go through something like this, and that was very refreshing. Of course liberation comes in the form of a young boy who wins her heart, which leads to fun times, sad times and all the situations that further highlight this character. Mixing tragic conflicts with a cheerful personality make’s her one of sweetest vampires you’ll ever see.

#5 Astrid from the How to Train Your Dragon series   

      In a series featuring cute and lovable dragons, you can expect one particular dragon rider to be just as adorable. Astrid has gone through some significant changes throughout the “DreamWorks Dragon’s” Series. Starting as a savage and reckless Viking, and then over time she became this sweeter, cheerier, more heroic warrior. Watching her character go from point A to point B just made her all the more intriguing, and her relationship with both her dragon, and best friend only made her cuter. From an impulsive Viking student, to a courageous hero, Astrid is a girl of many faces, and every one of them cute.    

#4 Katara from Avatar: The Last Air Bender

     From a magical land of four kingdoms, an evil army called the Fire Nation plots to rule it all, only a group of young hero’s stand in their way, each with their own strengths and charismatic charms, and the one champion who just fits my list perfectly is Katara, a young 14 year old who was born with the mystical powers of controlling the element of water. This character has it all, a sad back story, yet she still has a very positive outlook on life. She has a gentle heart but she also has the focus and strength to kick some series butt. She’s wise and passionate but she also has all the side effects of being young, like naive jealousy and an occasional ill temper, in other words, she’s as human as characters get, and not just a one note stereotype. Katara can also be really funny too, she just has a splendid sense of hummer. Beyond all of that, it’s her selfless determination and optimism of a better future during hard times that make her so enduring, and so likable. With her motherly wisdom, impressive fighting skills and talented voice actress Mae Whitman bringing her to life, how could I possibly keep her off my list.

#3 Anna from Disney’s Frozen

      You may have noticed a lack of Disney princess on my list, mostly because I see them as just good characters, I can only think of maybe three that are actually cute, and the one that definitely earns a spot on my list is Anna from "Frozen”. Once her sister accidently unleashes a freezing spell on her Kingdome, this princess doesn’t hesitate to do all in power to set things right. Anna is just brimming with personality, I honestly can’t think of a moment in the film in which she didn’t put a big smile on my face. Her antics are funny, I love how determined she gets, and you’ve probably seen the movie already, so what more do I really need to say?   

#2 Starfire from Teen Titans

     Here’s yet another female superhero for my list, but unlike Shadowcat, Starfire isn’t just the heart of the team, this is an explorer, someone new to our world, the people in it and it adds another level of innocence and charm to her that phew other animated characters have. She’s an alien who found her way to earth, joined a team of crime fighters, and she’s arguably one of the sweetest super hero’s I’ve ever seen. While she has all the cool traits you usually associate with superheros like enhanced strength, the ability to fly, and the power to shoot energy beams, she’s also really funny. It kills me whenever she gets confused about earth behavior, or gets phrases mixed up. Starfire is cheerful, compassionate and always acting like a cute, innocent child. She could have easily been my number one favorite, if it weren’t for my next character.

Before I revival my #1 pick, here are some Honorable Mentions...

Princess Eilonwy from Disney's The Black Cauldron 

Teru from Tales from Earthsea 

Shadowcat from X-Men Evolution 

Roxanne from Disney’s A Goofy Movie

Tanya from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

#1 Gadget from Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers

     Being completely honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more charming or all around likable animated girl then Gadget. She’s a brilliant inventor, but also a clumsy goof, which are the perfect ingredients for hummer and charisma. In many ways she’s the smartest member of her team, crafting high-tech vehicles ranging from plains, to boats, and even a submarine just using small, common everyday things that she finds lying around, but at the same time, her brilliant, hyperactive mind leads to a lot of funny scenes or situations. What can I say, I love how energetic she is, I love how excited she can get creating inventions, I love her chemistry with the other characters, and I love how funny she can get when doing something completely unintentional. Any one of the animated girls from my list can put a smile on my face easily, but Gadget has this special charm that’s all her own. She had a wonderful personality, she was inventive, heroic, funny, emotional, tough, caring and always a real joy to watch. 

           The End

My Top 10 most annoying movie and TV show characters

If you watch as many movies and TV shows as I do, you’re bound to come across some really annoying characters. Well, it would be impossible to round up a list of the stupidest characters of all time but there are plenty of characters I’ve had to suffer through from both TV shows and movies, so much so that I can’t resist putting a list together. Now I’m only basing this list on the characters that personally annoy me, and for the record, I’ve never seen any of the “Twilight” movies, so it really wouldn’t be fair to include those characters, even though I’m sure there bad enough to make the list.   

#10 Big Boy from “Dick Tracy

Poor Al Pacino, he was an actor on top of the world as “Scarface”, and countless other classic characters from countless other classic motion pictures, but here, he sinks to a new low as the most aggressively annoying comic book adapted villain of all time. First of all, he sucks as a crime boss because he keeps getting apprehended, get’s set up by far smarter villains and never once comes close to a victory. Combine that with his wild body movements, and his especially loud, overblown, gruff, and all around painfully annoying voice, you just want Dick Tracy to shoot the guy, put everyone out of their misery.   

#9 Iago from Disney’s “Aladdin” franchise

Of all the comedic Disney characters, know one annoys me more than Iago from “Aladdin”. With a loud voice that’s as pleasant as nails on a chalk board and a whiny persona to boot, you’ll be applauding the sultan to stuff crackers down his throat. I’ll admit, he was only mildly annoyed with him in the first movie, but to make him the main character of the films direct sequel and a main stay character throughout both the TV show and further sequels, that really makes me want to pluck out his feathers. 

#8 Neelix from “Star Trek Voyager

Oh Star Trek, you’ve produced some silly characters in the past but no one breaks the announce barrier like this stupid alien hedge hog. This character just can’t stay out of every ones business, he’s just so noisy, acting like he can be a real help during a crises, but more often than not, he just makes things worse. Honestly, there’s a laundry list of stupid things he’s done in the show but instead of listing them all off, let me just close by saying, he’s a pain in anyone’s back side.    

#7 Jar Jar Binks from “Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace

No comment needed, he speaks for himself.  

#6 Bat Girl from “Batman and Robin

I really don’t mind woman that are as tough and strong as men, but in the case of Bat Girl, she’s just an embarrassment to the concept of a strong heroine. With her wooden personality, long winded puns that don’t even make sense, her boisterous remarks about how cool she is when she really isn’t and sub-story that was shoehorned into the film at last second, she is without a doubt the worst female superhero I’ve ever seen.   

#5 The Rock Biters from “The Never Ending Story 3: Escape from Fantasia

Shame on you movie, taking one of my favorite fantasy movies and ruining every single character that I loved from that film, most notably the Rock Biter who now has a family of new annoying characters. It’s like a bad sitcom now, there voices are annoying, their designs are stupid and their constant jokes are more than painful to sit through.   

#4 Ruby Rhod from “The Fifth Element

Holly smokes, where do I start with this guy, well, if a cross dressing Chris Rock that shouts at the top of his lungs with an extremely irritating, feminine voice isn’t the text book definition of an annoying character, I don’t know what is. He’s also a completely pointless character that doesn’t contribute anything to the film, he’s just strung along, and acting like a pain in the butt everywhere he goes.      

#3 King Joffrey from “Game of Thrones

It’s sad when the guy ruling a Kingdome with an iron fist is nothing more than a wimpy and seriously whiny child. King Joffrey has gained a much disserved reputation for being one of the most hated characters in a TV show. Aside from his whinny voice and complete arrogance, the boy King Joffrey is just a real dick! From horribly abusing woman, treating his betrothed and all others around him like cabbage and above all else, killing people with absolutely no regrets. This includes an honorable king who attempted to bring peace to a corrupted Kingdome, and Joffrey has him killed off under the false status that he was a traitor to the crown. What a dick, I hope he gets it bad, I mean he needs to get it bad.    

#2 Every single character from the “Transformers” movies

Honestly, I think these “Transformers” movies have the stupidest cast of characters I’ve ever had to suffer through. There’s Shia Labeouf as the loud, obnoxious kid who constantly shouts every single one of his lines, the nameless girlfriends who state that interesting characters aren’t needed when they have slutty bodies to show off, the absent minded parents that can’t go a day without making stale jokes revolving around the male anatomy, the over the top, crazy agent guy and of cores racist robot stereo types. That’s only listing a hand full, seriously, every character in this serious sucks, plain and simple and the big reason why I refuse to waste another moment of my life watching these horrible films.   

#1 Anakin Skywalker from the “Star Wars” Prequel trilogy

I can’t think of another character that I hate more than Anakin Skywalker from the “Star Wars” Prequel trilogy. He’s rude, he wines, he’s bland, he’s boring, he commits mass murder with little to no regret, and what’s more insulting is that we’re supposed to be rooting for him like he’s movies hero. It’s especially stupid that he’s in a deep relationship with a woman who knows darn well that this guy killed an entire tribe out of vengeance, has made terrible remarks to her, has complained, argued non-stop, but for some reason she ends up marring him. I’ll say this about the “Star Wars” Prequel trilogy, they all have their problems, but this characters is what really killed them, forget Jar Jar Binks, he’s nothing compared to this selfish, whiny, bland, and all around terrible character named Anakin Skywalker.

                                            The End