Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top 10 favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies

When it comes to big action stars there’s plenty of great one’s but my favorite by far is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sure, he’s made some stupid chooses in real life but that’s not the subject here, I’m only focusing on him as an actor (and one of my favorite). How could anyone not love this guy, yes, he’s a commercialized celebrity but he’s also a genuine article and a personal icon. No matter how good or bad his films can get, he’s always awesome and here are my top ten favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger flicks.             

Collateral Damage 
This film features a dark and almost believable look at the terrifying concepts of terrorism and what goes on in other countries. But it combines this touchy subject with all the fun, corniness of Schwarzenegger’s action films, making it feel very different from his other flicks but in the end, it’s classic Arnold doing what he dose best and there’s nothing wrong with that.      

The 6th Day
It’s not as engines as “Total Recall” or any of “The Terminator” movies but it dose feature an intriguing and disturbing premises that contains plenty of Sci-Fi technology and laser shooting action to keep it from getting boring.  

The Terminator
It’s the classic Sci-Fi flick that made a pop culture icon out of Schwarzenegger, as well as his famous tag line, “I’ll be Back”. It may be overshadowed by the greatest sequel in the history of cinema (and some other Arnold flicks that I personally prefer) but it’s still a great classic, that’s smarter and darker than the average action flick. 

True Lies
“True Lies” blends explosive action, slap stick comedy and family togetherness all in one really entertaining flick. It also sums up exactly who Arnold Schwarzenegger is in most of his movies. Despite how many people he may beat the crap out of, he still has a heart of gold.

Let’s see, Eraser is a film about false identities, a hero on the run from both enemies and allies, an arsenal of cool weapons and a very fast passed script containing lots of death defying action. It’s basic Arnold formula and that’s why I like it.   

Commando is a film that both glorifies and exploit’s everything awesome about Arnold. This is like the classic Schwarzenegger action flick, with silly yet awesome one liners, over the top yet still intimidating villains, ridicules yet still very amusing shoot up and explosive action. It’s every great action cliché celebrated to it’s fullest and it’s all over the top, not meant to be taken seriously and that’s why it’s awesome. Oh, and lets not forget that awesome song that plays during the end credits, outstanding.   

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
         This is undeniably Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biggest, most explosive, most sensation action packed flick he’s ever done. It’s certainly not as smart and sophisticated as some of his other films but it’s entertaining as hell, Arnold gives another riveting performance as the terminator, there’s lots of good comedy moments, a few decent plot twists and it leaves you with that good old terminator feeling.     

This is actually the movie that introduced me to Schwarzenegger and I immediately became a fan of his awesome one liners, fun accent and amazing screen presence. Arnold plays a solder named Dutch who leads a team on a rescue mission in the jungle but are soon the targets for an alien hunter that’s slowly taking out his team. Eventually, Arnold stops running and uses his intellect and skills to defeat the creature, and the predator himself is simply one of the most fascinating and memorable movie monsters of all time. It’s intense, exciting, thrilling and will always stand as a classic.       

Total Recall
This is without a doubt one of my all time favorite movies. It follows the usual Schwarzenegger fashion, there’s lots and lots of action that flows beautifully with the story, but it’s not just about non-stop chasing and gun shooting. It’s a thinkers movie about a man on a mission of self discovery, it’s a big mystery that’s tightly woven together and it features one surprise twist after another. Truly a leap above typical Schwarzenegger action flicks.   

Terminator 2 Judgment Day
This is simply one of the greatest movies ever made, the CG is jaw droping and the action is absolutely sensational but what really makes this such a masterpiece is the story arch. Every character begins somewhere and goes through a change, basically what takes this action packed sci-fi landmark to the next level is the depth of the cyborg and human characters. Arnold delivers the best performance of his career, and the ending is one of the most moving and powerful to end a big Sci-Fi action film. It’s an action packed spectacle, beautifully crafted, looks at the value of human life and delivers a solemn message that we can use to make the future better. 

Well, I suppose there’s only one thing left to say,
 “Astalavista Baby!”


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