Monday, April 2, 2012

Mr. Movies 100th post

    This is officially my 100th post on my Mr. Movie site and I honestly didn’t think that I’d be doing this much but I’ve come along way and I still have plans to post more things but now that I have 100 posts, viewers can get a little lost on what to look at on my site, so I decided to rank my current top ten most successful posts on my site to give viewers an idea on where to start, plus it makes for a good excuse for me to look back at some of the things that have come before.
10. My Top 10 Favorite Adventure Movies ( Current Total: 665 page viewers) (Posted February 02, 2011)
 Adventure movies get me excited more than any other sub genera (Comedy’s are still my number 1 favorite genera) and it was a lot of fun ranking the individual films that get me excited the most.
9. A look at the complete Star Wars: The Clone Wars saga (Current Total: 756 page viewers) (Posted January 16th, 2012) 
 Star Wars month (which was all January 2012) was a lot of fun because it was my first time dedicating an entire month to a favorite series of mine. It was especially fun going through the clone wars saga because there was just so much to talk about and so many things that I wanted to share my thoughts on.
8. Disney’s The Black Cauldron (Review) (Current Total: 839 page viewers) (Posted January 28th, 2011) 
 My favorite kind of movie to review is one that’s either un-known to the general public or a film that I find to be a little underrated. I find The Black Cauldron to be one of the best underrated from the animated Disney film collection and I knew it would be a good one to get things started on my site.
7. Wolverine and the X-Men (TV show review) (Current Total: 970 page viewers) (Posted May 9th, 2011) 
 I may be a big movie guy but I’m also a huge nerd when it comes to X-Men, so I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on the latest American animated X-Men TV show and it turned out to be really good.
6. The 80’s Star Wars Droids and Ewoks cartoon shows (Review) (Current Total: 1,375 page viewers) (Posted January 5th, 2012) 
 I honestly never thought anyone would be interested in reading what I thought about these two shows, it was just something for Star Wars month but it was a pleasant surprise that my least interested post of the month got the most attention.
5. My top 10 favorite Damsels in need of Rescuing (Current Total: 1,594 page viewers) (Posted May 24th, 2011) 
 I’m not sure if people read this post or just like looking at all the photos, either way, the cliché of a damsel in distress was one of my favorites from child hood and I’ve always wanted to discuss the improvements to this time warn cliché with newer and better damsel characters than many of the cartoon ones I grew up with.
4. Mr. Freeze: One of the greatest comic book villains that no one ever notices (Current Total: 1,896 page viewers) (Posted December 9th, 2011) 
 I’ve always wanted to go over the legacy of a villain that’s not as big or popular as many others, I chose to do a post for Boba Fett (Star Wars) first but I had so much more fun posting this one because Mr. Freeze really is one of my favorite villains that I always felt deserved more attention.
3. Top 10 favorite one on one duals (Current Total: 1,899 page viewers) (Posted December 9th, 2011)
It’s a lot of fun to list things that I enjoy seeing time and time again in action flicks, I honestly had more fun listing my top ten favorite car chases but this is certainly the next best and easily one of my favorite top 10 posts.
2. Transformers (2007 movie) VS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (Current Total: 2,003 page viewers) (Posted September 1st, 2011)

 Now here’s something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time, comparing two different movies that have a few things in common and determining which is superior. Originally I wanted to compare first installments to sequels or remakes but that’s been done so many times before, so I decided to change the formula a little. Plus it allows me to share my thoughts on a film without going into a full review.  
1. A look at the Bat-mobile and its different appearances on film (Current Total: 2,161 page viewers) (Posted January 23rd, 2011)

I’ve always been observant to the changes of something over the cores of several films and I’ve been especially fond of the gradual development of the Bat-mobile over eight theatrical movies, it’s something I’ve wanted to discus sense before I started my site and I’m pleased to see that it’s done so well.
   Final words, it’s been a lot of fun posting things on this site, I just love sharing my knowledge of film or series related topics and it’s something that I hope to continue to do for a while.

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