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Top Ten favorite Comic book adapted movies (Non-Marvel or Batman related)

     When it comes to comic book adaptations into film, I’m always the most interested in the Marvel comic films or the Batman films, I don’t even know how many times I’ve posed things regarding those two topics, so here’s some other comic book adaptations into film that I love and have nothing to do with either Marvel or Batman.   

10. Kick-Ass 
Kick-Ass” is what it’s called and kick ass is all it does. This is a great warning for us comic book geeks who think it would be cool to be a superhero and at the same time it’s fast, it’s funny, it’s dark and its action packed. Balancing dark tones and juvenile elements with lots of style and wit isn’t easy, but this film does an awesome job of it, bringing together a cast of colorful characters and providing lots of fun for us comic book nerds. 

9.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie 
It’s far from art or even what you may define as a good movie but damn it, do I ever have a big, soft, nostalgic spot for this film. It was the very first super hero movie I had ever seen in my life (I was about 5 years old when I first saw this) and I still enjoy looking back at it to this day. The action scenes are quiet good for people in costumes, the music gets me so pumped and the Shredder is still one of my favorite villains to ever come from a comic book adapted film. All in all, it’s cheesy fun at its best.

8. 300 
Bet you didn’t even know that this was based off of a comic (speaking to a general audience) and it definitely belongs amongst the best. The slow motion, the awesome lines, the rocking sound track mixed with epic battles and a visionary unique style of filming, “300” is simply the perfect, macho, guy flick.

Men in Black 

Not every great comic book adaption has to be based off of a superhero and here’s a perfect example. “Men in Black” manages to combine high-tech gadgets and cool aliens (most notably the giant cockroach at the end of the film) with a relatively competent script and very fun, charismatic performances from two of my favorite actors, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. It’s easily one of my favorite parings of talented actors and when you combine them with all the style that the film has to offer, you got yourself set for a fun time at the movies.   

6. Hellboy II: The Golden Army 

If you didn’t like “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, here’s a fairytale based comic book that completely makes up for it. Ron Perelman and cast deliver very charismatic performances to surprisingly endearing characters and Guillermo Del Toro’s crafty direction, set pieces and creature designs are so elaborate and creative that it livens this film up with a very strong, other worldly atmosphere. This is a fine example of a sequel being far superior to the original.     

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 
Talk about style over substance, but holly cow, what awesome style. “Scott Pilgrims vs. the World”, literally makes the world a live action video game and has a blast doing it. The film may not have much of a story or life like characters but its unique style and creative visuals are just too much fun to pass up.  

4. Mystery Men 
This spoof on the superhero genre packs plenty of laughs and clever gags but it also stands strong as a fun little underdog story about the superhero’s that are great at their job but are never noticed. It’s about the guys who are constantly upstaged by the bigger, stronger characters, and have something to prove. I’m not saying that “Mystery Men” is deep or insightful, it just has a nice little heart that goes a long way and as a whole, it’s a fun, campy superhero film with some perfectly absurd character that are all brought to life terrifically by a very well rounded cast.

3. The Rocketeer
 With all the big budget superhero movies that are constantly released from Hollywood, it’s such a breath of fresh air to just have an old fashioned action adventure like this. "The Rocketeer" is a nice little homage to the old film serials of the 1930’s and 40’s that ages very well with me. The characters are all terrific and it functions as a relatively high spirited adventure for the family. It’s no “Dark Knight” by any means, but it has so many simple charms, exciting action scenes and a genuine self awareness that it’s not trying to be the next big superhero flick, just a very simple good time.  

2. V for Vendetta 
Unlike other comic book adapted movies, “V for Vendetta” is a dark portrayal of a corrupt society and provides a rich story that’s very exciting and honestly quiet thought provoking. Combine that with two outstanding lead performances from Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, some stellar visuals, impressive set pieces and you got something that’s better than just a good comic book adaption, this is a damn good movie in general.

1. The Mask 
It may not be a film about a superhero and it certainly dosn't reach the same level of greatnes that "V for Vendetta" does but it’s still my personal favorite comic book adapted movie that isn’t Marvel or Batman related. It’s funny, it’s wild, it has its charms, it’s never to overly frantic and while it offers a fun aroma of flashy effects and cartoony overtones, they never overshadow the talented cast. Jim Carry just shines in this film, switching between the roles of an everyday guy that can just blend into the crowd, then to this wild and silly cartoon character. Both the actor and the effects work hand in hand without over shadowing one another and the rest of the cast do an equally good job giving the film it’s substance, most especially Cameron Diaz, who’s insanely good looks still get men drooling to this day. Overall, it may not be cinematic gold, but it sure is a fun film to watch. 

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