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My Top 10 Favorite Godzilla Movies

Of all the giant monsters to grace the silver screen, I love me some Godzilla. Ever sense I was a child, I’ve been watching his silly, rubber suited monster classics. There completely cheesy, laughable and good entertaining fun. Obviously, I prefer movies with more quality, but after watching the resent 2014 “Godzilla” movie, I’m suddenly taken back to my child hood, when giant monsters were awesome. As of 2014, Godzilla has had 30 motion picture movies, and yes, I’ve seen every one of them. So to celebrate the revival of my favorite movie monster, here’s a list of my personal top ten favorite Godzilla movies.

#10 Godzilla VS Megalon (1973)

 Undeniably this is one of the silliest entries in the series but it was also the first classic, rubber suited, Japanese Godzilla movie I ever saw, making this a campy, nostalgic treat. In this movie, Godzilla teams up with a cheesy, giant robot super hero called Jet Jaguar, that alone makes this one of the most memorable. Together they battle two of Godzilla’s greatest foes, the space monster called Gigan and a massive bug with drills for hands called Megalon. It’s always fun to watch Godzilla in a tag team match, and this is without a doubt one of the most ridiculous battles in the whole series. It may be a stupid film, even by Godzilla standards, but it’s just so bad it’s great, and the movie makes my list just for Godzilla’s slow motion, Matrix style, drop kick. No joke, it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever see in a monster movie.


#9 Godzilla VS Mothra (1992)

 The giant butterfly Mothra is undeniably one of Godzilla’s most famous opponents and this is the movie that introduced me to her. Most fans like the 1964 movie “Mothra VS Godzilla”, but I personally prefer this 90’s remake from the second Godzilla series. In this film, Mothra once again has to defend the people of earth from Godzilla but she also has to contend with her evil brother named Battra, which makes things all the more exciting. This film definitely highlights Godzilla’s second series, which is personally my favorite chain of Godzilla films, and they’ll be plenty more on my list.


#8 Godzilla VS The Sea Monster (1966)

 Just about every Godzilla movie features giant monsters destroying big cities, which is great, but this movie has a very refreshing setting that feels so much more appropriate for Godzilla. An evil organization is using an islands human inhabitance as slaves to build bombs and other weapons. No one can escape because the bad guys control a giant sea monster that guards the island. Now it’s up to our favorite rubber suited monster to liberate the island people and defeat the monster. Then Mothra joins in the action, and it's always great to feature her in one of these films. Aside from an awesome premise, this film actually has a memorable collection of human characters, including a villain with an eye patch, which is reminiscing of the doctor from the first film. There’s also one heck of an attractive island girl who’s so hot she actually gets Godzilla’s attention. No joke, Godzilla actually displays some King Kong characteristics.   


#7 Godzilla (1998)

 This film has a pretty bad reputation for being one of the worst disaster movies of all time, even Godzilla fans seem to hate it, but personally, I have a soft, nostalgic spot for this film. I was about six years old when I saw this and it was actually the movie that introduced me to the king of the monsters, launching my overall fondness for the series. It may not be high class entertainment, but that’s what I’ve come to expect from Godzilla films in general, which are really nothing more or less then fun, destructive monster movies and I still find this to be a relatively entertaining monster flick.


#6 Godzilla VS Space Godzilla (1994)

 Godzilla’s adversary in this movie may have one of the stupidest names ever, but still, it’s a real treat to see the big G battle another Godzilla that’s even more powerful than he is. This is yet another really fun entry from the second series and features some awesome monster battles. Then there’s the lead girl named Miki who’s been a main stay character throughout the second series and probably one of the most memorable human characters from the franchise. This is the film that really highlights her character and demonstrates how useful she can be, especially with her own unique telepathic powers.

#5 Godzilla: King of the Monsters (also known as “Gojira”) (1954)

 Despite the out-dated effects and pore acting, you just can’t beat the original. Everything about this movie just works, it has a campy B movie charm, the tone is great and it stands as a surprisingly potent, even sobering postwar commentary. After all, it’s based on the real horrors of the atomic age, making this an effective time capsule of a film that holds up over the years, and can arguably be regarded as a great movie in general.


#4 King Kong VS Godzilla (1962)

 The two most famous and iconic giant movie monsters face off in a cheesy, yet epic battle to the death. Even though it’s nothing truly spectacular, there’s a simple charm that comes from seeing these two titans clash and the result is one of the most memorable rubber suited monster battles of all time. Oh, and there's also this giant octopus thrown in the mix, that's kind of cool.  

#3 Godzilla VS Destroyah (1995)

 This is the final entry of the second series, which means that the big G finally meets his match and even dies, making this, perhaps the most tragic monster death ever. It’s cheesy like any rubber suited monster movie but it’s done with so much flair and admiration toured this iconic monster. In his final battle, Godzilla teams up with his son to battle a super monster called Destroyah, who’s undeniably the most spectacular foe to challenge Godzilla head on. It’s a campy, yet epic send off for the mighty beast and one that I highly recommend to any fans of the series.  

#2 Godzilla (2014) 

 That's right, the latest Godzilla movie is one of my personal favorites out of 30 monster movies he’s stared in. Honestly, I think this film gets everything just right, Godzilla’s battles are big spectacles, with some awesome new monsters, a refreshing tone and the movie is very smart by giving us just enough monster action, without getting to over blown. There’s also just enough human drama to help balance out the shear spectacle off of seeing monsters in action. Finally, it was a nice treat to see Godzilla be a hero again, after so many films of him being the primary threat. It’s just a fast paced thrill ride that American Godzilla fans deserve.  

#1 Godzilla Final Wars (2004)

 Without a doubt my favorite of all Godzilla's movies is this epic monster mash titled "Final Wars". To date, this is the last Godzilla movie to be released from Japan, and it’s an absolute blast. All the common things that make a good movie like plot and intriguing characters may not be present in this film, but hay, that’s not what I'd expect from a Godzilla movie anyway. Instead, we fans are treated to a non-stop, action packed thrill ride, with an invading alien army, space battles, kung fu martial art fights and just about every classic Godzilla monster featured in one film. This includes the three headed dragon called King Ghidorah, the space monster Gigan, the giant butterfly Mothera, and even the American Godzilla is present. That's just naming a hand full, it’s an all out monster brawl with lots of destruction, an awesome cast of human characters and lots of cheesy fun monster battles. It’s simply the ideal Godzilla movie that I still enjoy watching to this day.

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