Monday, August 24, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Bond Villains

Like any classic Hollywood hero, James Bond has a classic adversary, actually a whole gallery of classic adversaries, from the midgets, to the mad men, here are my personal top 10 favorite Bond villains.

10. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd from “Diamonds are Forever

I really couldn’t care less about two gay hetman and their barrage of silly buns, however these two are so recognizable that they’ve been parodied in the media and recreated on multiple TV programs, and it’s kind of hard to forget them.  

9. May Day from “A View to a Kill

A ferocious, super strong henchwoman serving under a villain played by Christopher Waken, what’s not to like. She pretty much steals the show with a menacing scowl, and a last minute reformation that leads to a nodal sacrifice.  

8. Mr. Tee from “Live and Let Die

Any villain should be considered armed and dangerous, but for this guy it’s quiet literal. If his size and wicked smile didn’t scare you, the metal claw for a hand certainly will.  

7. Zao from “Die Another Day

An Asian assassin with a scared face all smothered in diamonds, that’s awesome. Oh, and he’s not the typical comedic relief villain either, he's about as threatening and lethal as they get.

6. Xenia Onatopp from “GoldenEye

Before she terrorized the X-Men as the Dark Phoenix, Famke Janssen was a Russian assassin with a tight grip. Onatopp has sense become one of the most famous female villains in the 007 roster, and personally, I couldn’t agree more because she’s every bit as breath taking as she is ... well, breath taking. 

5. Oddjob from “Goldfinger

So, I’ve mostly comprised this list with the supporting villains, but they always seem to be the most fun anyway. For example, take this Asian assassin armed with a super sharp boomerang hat that can cut through statues and fists that can brake gulf balls, he’s every bit as awesome as he is iconic.  

4. Jaws from “The Spy Who Loved Me” & “Moonraker

He’s probably the most famous supporting villain in the whole series, thanks to his formidable size, refusal to die and of course his big mouth full of supper sharp, supper strong metal teeth.

3. Blofeld AKA Specter from “You Only Live Twice”, “Diamonds are Forever” and various other Bond Films

No other villain has been a pain in 007's side like the evil Specter, the mysterious cat stroking mastermind behind several diabolical plots. He is the biggest, most frequent reoccurring villain in the franchise and the one who always gets away to do more evil another day.  

2. Scaramanga from “The Man with the Golden Gun

A Bond villain played by Christopher Lee, need I say anymore. It’s the late great Christopher Lee, and he’s never been more awesome then as this third nippled assassin with a Golden Gun, and he pretty much steals the whole show, even from James Bond himself. Oh, and he’s also got that unforgettable little midget who would be the inspiration for Mini Me of Austin Powers fame.

1. Goldfinger from “Goldfinger

Of all the classic James Bond villains, none of them come off quiet as iconic or as memorable as this gold smuggler who aims to become the richest villain of them all. He may not look like much of a threat but he sure makes good on his demands, is very smart and has one of the franchises most memorable remarks as he expects Bond to just “DIE!”  

James Bond Countdown will conclude with "All Individual Bond Actors Series Ranked

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