Friday, October 5, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Songs


     Every Christmas we hear timeless songs and tunes that never get old, but what about Halloween? Well, as a kid I remember being introduced to some really fun Halloween tunes. They may not be classics like “Jingle Bells” but they left a big impression on my youth. So for this Halloween, why not crank out my own personal top 10 Halloween songs from childhood.  

10. The Monster Mash
    I hear this song all the time, I hear it at parties, there was a montage to this song in a Halloween episode of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and there was even an animated movie called “Monster Mash”, that brought together all the classic monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein and Wolf Man) in one animated musical. But the big reason this song stands out is because of a little event at my elementary school, where all the kids got in costume and every Halloween we were treated to a full day of games, activity’s, haunted classrooms and it all began with every kid getting together on an open field and we danced to the monster mash. For that, it makes for a great start to the list. 

9. Trick or Treat (Donald Duck cartoon classic: Trick or Treat) 
    I first saw the Donald Duck episode “Trick or Treat” on a Halloween cartoon collection called “Cartoon Classics Halloween Haunts” and I think it stands as one of the best animated cartoons ever, it was fun, colorful, had a lot of cool images, an awesome supporting character called Old Witch Hazel and a catchy little trick or treat song that plays several times throughout the episode. It’s a cheerful harmony that gets you in the perfect, nostalgic, Halloween mood and treats us to some fun, playful visuals. This song is no classic by any means but it's fun just the same.

8. I want to Scare Myself (Boo Too You Too: Winnie the pooh) 

     Okay, I said these were from my child hood, so why not a song that comes from the very roots of child hood. This Whinnie the Pooh special was nothing terrific but I can thank it for this awesome song. Actually, this is where my enjoyment for the holiday first started, no joke. Its not that long, a minuet at best but it’s one minuet of awesomeness that no amount of growing up could make me forget. The music was fun, bouncy, and there's lots of awesome images and visuals that are constantly being thrown in your face. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything we suddenly get headless horsemen, mad scientists, haunted mansions and a parade of all kinds of ghosts and goblins. It’s almost like if a kid ate too much Halloween candy and then had the craziest dream ever, basically, it was just an awesome treat to see as a child.     

7 Ghost Busters Theme Song (Ghost Busters) 
    This is one of those movies that isn’t exactly targeted to kids but we still see it at a young age anyway. It was great fun with genuine scares, cool ghosts, gadgets and an awesome theme song. The film is very self aware that it has a catchy theme because it's played not once, not twice but three times in the film, and to this day it’s still a song I often hear at Halloween parties, it's great.

6 Terror Time Again (Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island) 
    I never cared that much for Scooby-Doo, but to his credit, the animated movie “Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island” was well written, had some nice twists and even some moments that came close to being scary. But the highlight was the song “Terror Time Again”, it had a fast beat, lots of energy and it had some awesome lyrics like “You Just Might Die of Fright”. It was just a fun song that got me in the proper mood for some awesome zombie action.   

5 The Double Trouble theme (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) 
    This isn’t a Halloween movie and the song isn’t directed to the holiday but honestly, what kind of images come to your mind when you hear this. Listening to this music makes me think of trick or treaters, Halloween parties, Haunted Houses and full moons illuminating dark and creepy woods. The lyrics are terrific and the sound effects are great. I love when the song first plays in the film, we see carriages ridding off in the rain and the sound of a drum in the background, it's awesome. On the DVD, there’s a nice little sing along, set to cool images from the movie. It’s a nice little geme of a song that fits right in at the number 5 spot.   

4 I Put a Spell on You (Hocus Pocus)
   This was one of my favorite Halloween movies from child hood, it had fun characters, a strong atmosphere and a terrific musical number. The song “I put a Spell on You!” was very energetic, colorful and with Bette Midler giving her all, this song just  reeked of classic Halloween nostalgia. 

3 Thriller (Michael Jackson music video) 
    This is easily one of the greatest music video ever and it has every classic horror convention like a crumbly old house, a girl being chased by a Werewolf, Zombies rising from a cemetery and narration by horror movie legend Vincent Price. The song itself was extremely energizing, had an awesome beat and some amazing dance moves. The enjoyment of this video just never dies and that's all that I really need to say about it. 

 2. Grim Grinning Ghosts (The Haunted Mansion Ride at Disney land) 
   The Haunted Mansion ride is one of my all time favorite theme park rides. It transported you to a serial world full of outstanding visuals, sets and one of the all time greatest songs for a ride. The voices would always change, there were all kinds of awesome sound effects and it carried a strong tune. It sucks how this song was only shown briefly in the Haunted Mansion movie but regardless, this song is still spectacular and I still listen to it every year.       

1 This is Halloween (The Nightmare Before Christmas) 
   Yea, you guessed it, how could this not be number one. The images and visuals just blew my mind as a child, we got ghosts, vampires, trees with skeletons, witches, shadows, Jack O’ lanterns and the scene with Jack Skellington rising up out of that well was an image I’ll always remember. It’s simply the perfect opening for a Halloween special. With all kinds of great designs and surreal images just flying out at the screen, it’s probably one of the most over the top and mind-numing scenes for a kid’s film but that only makes it cooler. The song lives up to its title 100% and deserves to be called the number one Halloween song of all time.

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