Monday, October 1, 2012

The Return of Mr. Movies October Marathon

Another October is upon us and time for another marathon of Halloween related posts, some will be regarding Halloween specials that I grew up with as a child and others will be centered on actual Horror movies that make audiences cringe in fear. That way I can properly balance the holiday’s dual nature of being both playful and scary. So stay tuned, because Mr. Movies second October Marathon begins today!

(Bonus List) My Top 5 Horror Remakes

Horror movie remakes are becoming more and more frequent in the 2000’s and it’s only gotten more and more tiring. But to be fair, there are some remakes that stand out as classic in their own right. To qualify as a good remake, it doesn’t have to be better than the original, just good on its own terms and here are my own personal top 5 favorite horror remakes.

5. The Thing (1982)
 John Carpenter's brilliant remake of the 50’s classic “The Thing from Another World” will always stand as a benchmark in the history of film. Proving to be a classic in its own right, thanks to sharp performances and amazing, gross out special effects.     

4. Fright Night (2011)
 Was it necessary to remake to most beloved cult classic of all time, no, but they sure did a good job, giving this modern remake lots of fun style, a few laughs, and a well-rounded cast that’s having a blast with what they’re doing.

3. The Fly (1986)  

 The original Fly from 1958 was a smart and classy flick that warned us of the dangers of science, the remake then takes all that good stuff and goes the extra mile. Instead of an accident transforming our lead character immediately, the transformation happens gradually which allows more drama to be felt between characters and it leads to some impressive makeup and awesome special effects with a gross out factor on max.

2. House of Wax (1953)

 This is another great example of a remake becoming more of a classic than the original. Vincent Price’s performance as the creepy museum owner is still just as bone chilling as ever, the look and tone of the film is very colorful while still feeling very eerie and haunting. It’s just a perfect horror classic, with lots of mystery, suspense and memorable characters.

1. The Mummy (1999)  

  Most of the classic Universal monsters have been remade over the years, there was Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1992, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1994 and a 2010 remake of The Wolfman. But the 1999 rendition of The Mummy is a rare case in which the remake is more popular than the original. Sure purists will still prefer the 1932 classic staring Boris Karloff or the 1959 remake starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing but common audiences are still going to acknowledge the 1999 version as a modern, blockbuster classic. It’s my favorite example of perfect popcorn entertainment, giving the Mummy a new look and feel while still keeping a few horror elements of the original source material alive.

                The End   

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