Sunday, January 1, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (10 Things I want to See)

"Star Wars episode 8: The Last Jedi" will be the sequel to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, and I’m very excited to see what’s to come next. As of right now, no official information has been revealed, and no trailer is out, so there's time for us fans to speculate on what the future installment has to offer. Here are my personal Top 10 theories and hopes for what may happen in this film.

#10 Perhaps a little more of this character ...

In “The Force Awakens” we we’re introduced to a new villain called Captain Phasma, who looked awesome, and is one of the very phew female villains to be featured in a live action Star Wars movie. Of course she hardly did anything in that film, and it would be nice to see her in a bigger role. 

#9 A new color for the opening title scroll

Every Star Wars movie begins with the exact same title crawl, and it’s a time honored tradition ... but for goodness sakes, cant we change it a little. The poster for the upcoming Star Wars movie is highlighted in hellish red, and personally, I like to see this as the color for the new opening title screen. Heck, the TV show “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” did that once, and it was such an exciting breath of fresh air. So, let’s see that in the new film.  

#8 Encounters with more magical or spiritual characters

Some may forget that Star Wars has always been a “fantasy adventure”, and personally, I’d like to see more of the mythos and lore explored in this film. Novels and TV shows have introduced us to creatures, and mystical beans born from the Force itself, and their presence would add a new layer to the franchise that we’ve never seen before. How about an appearance from the mysterious Bendu creature, or perhaps the Mortis children who were featured in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. 

#7 Kylo Ren takes charge over leader Snoke 

Looking back at the original trilogy, Darth Vader was always the main antagonist, but he was still technically the number two guy behind the Emperor. Kylo Ren likewise is our new main villain serving under the command of Leader Snoke, but personally, I want this new film to change that. I want Snoke to die, and Kylo Ren to take charge as the head villain that isn’t serving under anyone’s shadow. One of the main conflicts is whether or not Kylo Ren can be reformed, and it would only highlight the conflict if he was the Number one guy in charge of our new villains ... the First Order. Heck, maybe Ren kills Snoke himself, and for a split second we think it'll be the start of his reformation, only for him to declare himself the new leader of the dark side.     

#6 "The Last Jedi" means the birth of a new "Force Religion"

With the title of the upcoming film being “The Last Jedi”, it makes me wonder if Luke Skywalker and Ray form a new religion of sorts surrounding the force. Wouldn’t that be an interesting concept, like the Jedi order ends for good, and instead of restarting it, a brand new covenant is formed to continue on. I think that would be a very daring, ambitious and refreshing new change for this series that would catch everyone off guard.     

#5 The Mysterious Leader Snoke reveled to be Ezra Bridger

In “The Force Awakens”, we were introduced to a sinister new villain simply referred to as Leader Snoke. My first impression was that he’s just an unoriginal, second rate version of the Emperor. However, this character could still be redeemed with a good back story. For example, the character Ezra Bridger has been the main hero of the TV series “Star Wars Rebels”, and it would be an interesting twist to lean if he became this malevolent new leader. While he’s the shows main hero, we’ve seen him fall into the darkness, and may even make a full turn to villain just like Anakin Skywalker before him. This will give Snoke far more of a presence, and substance then even the Emperor ever had.   

#4 An Original “Nail-Biting” cliffhanger

The Empire Strikes Back” set a template for epic movie cliffhangers, which other films have been trying to replicate for years. “The Last Jedi” now has a golden opportunity to set a new template for an unforgettable new cliffhanger. For example, the Season 2 finally of “Star Wars Rebels” is one of the most sensational finally cliffhangers I’ve experience in years, and that would be a great place for this new film to draw inspiration from. Maybe through some emotional turmoil, Rey joins Kylo Ren, turns on Luke Skywalker and the last thing we see in the film is her light saber changing from blue to red. This would be a great departure from what we’d naturally expect, and a great way for it to stand apart from “The Empire Strikes Back”.   

#3 The Return of Boba Fett

This may not seem very likely, but I can still dream dang it, I can dream. In the novels, Boba Fett survived the events of “Return of the Jedi”, and had his own vendetta against the son of Han Solo, turned evil. This would be the perfect opportunity for him to return, have a vendetta against Kylo Ren, and it would be awesome to see him become an anti hero of sorts. He was always one of the coolest characters from the original trilogy, but did little, so this would be his golden opportunity to shine as a real character. On a side note, maybe we can finally see the planet of his heritage in a live action Star Wars movie. His planet known to us fans as Mandalore. 

#2 Rey’s Parents revealed to be Ezra and Sabine

Among the many lingering questions that came from “The Force Awakens” was the identity of Rey’s family. I personally dread the thought of something too obvious, like she’s the child of Luke Skywalker, or heck ... the child of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obviously I want this reveal to be something special, so why not let her be the child of Ezra and Sabine from the Rebels TV series. That would be a nice surprise, it would give her special connection to previous characters, and it would also make the Rebels TV series all the more relevant in the process. Plus, if my theory is correct, and the evil Leader Snoke is reveled to be Ezra Bridger himself, that would open the door for all kinds of interesting conflicts between our hero's and our villains. Yes, we've seen an evil father before, but not from the stand point of the all controlling evil leader. 

#1 A Lightsaber Dual between Princess Leia and Kylo Ren

Carrie Fisher sadly passed away recently but finished filming all her scenes for this film, and reports say that it’ll be a much bigger role then the last film. Sense this will be our last time seeing her in the iconic role, I hope the character dose something really special that we’ve never seen before. Personally, more than anything, I hope we get to see her with a Lightsaber, and more importantly, I want to see her in a showdown with her villainess son Kylo Ren. Holly cow, what an emotional highlight if that actually happens. We’ve seen a good son trying to win back the blackened father, but the thought of a pure mother fighting to win back her darkened son just feels all the more powerful. Now obviously, the recent “Force Awakens” didn’t feature Princess Leia as a Jedi of any sort, but the series has established her as force sensitive before, and the expanded novels feature her with a light saber all the time ... so why not see that in a movie? 

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