Sunday, January 1, 2017

Han Solo Movie (Early Thoughts)

Okay, so Han Solo is getting his own stand alone movie, which I have mixed feelings about. Obviously he’s one of my favorite characters, but I don’t think we need any more of him, he’s had enough. A stand alone movie for a Star Wars character should focus on someone less popular, like Mara Jade, or Kyle Katarn that would be awesome. However, there are two things that can come from a Han Solo movie that would make it justified. 

1st Star Wars has always combined tropes from other genera’s, and these anthologies give Star Wars films the chance to center on specific genera’s. For example Rogue One was a solid "war themed" movie, and less of a fantasy adventure. A Han Solo movie would be a perfect opportunity to have a solid Western style movie, just set in space. That would be awesome to see a Star Wars western, and that brings me to my next potential highlight.

2nd If this will be a solid Western style movie, the villain should be Cad Bane. Holly cow, that would be a dream come true to see Cad Bane as a villain in a live action Star Wars movie. He’s always been one of my favorite villains from this franchise, and this movie would be the perfect chance to see him on the big screen. So there you go, a Han Solo movie is the perfect excuse to have the great Cad Bane in a movie, and that’s what I’m looking forward to the most ... if that happens.       

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